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30 Trends Sexy Wedding Lingerie 2019


Preparing for such an exciting event as a wedding requires a lot of effort, because you want to predict every little thing and think over the look in every detail. Flawless should be not only the dress of the bride, but also underwear. Gentle, beautiful, comfortable and sexy lingerie will help the bride feel confident. We have collected the best Trends Sexy Wedding Lingerie 2019 in our gallery.


Photo 1-3: Lace Lingerie

Source: Rara Avis Lingerie via instagram, miss_tic_lingerie via instagramСlasslinge via instagram


Photo 4-6: Perfect White

Source: ClasslingeEllybasko via InstagramEllybasko via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Beautiful Set With Top

Source: Rara Avis Lingerie


Photo 10-12: High Waist Lingerie

Source: Elvira Basko Atelier via Instagram, gooseberryintimates via Instagram, Forloveandlemonsvia Instagram


Photo 13-15: Tender Babydolls

Source: Girlandaseriousdream  Voskresenskaya Karina via instagram  Clairepettibone

Photo 16-18: Nude Sexy Lingerie

Source: Ellybasko via instagram, Elvira Basko Atelier via InstagramThe blondeintimates via instagram


Photo 19-21: Ideas With Stokings

Source: honeybirdette via Instagram, Classlinge via instagram, Fleurofengland

Photo 22-24: Hot Ideas Sexy Wedding Lingerie 2019

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Photo 25-27: Bodysuits For Bride

Source: Bridal lingerie collections via instagramBoudoirbybrittanyvanbeek via instagram,  Honey Birdette Photography via instagram

Photo 28-30: Strapless Lingerie

Source: gooseberryintimates via Instagram, Prisma Intimates via instagram, Rara Avis Lingerie via instagram