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30 Unique Silk Wedding Bouquets


Every bride wants to be perfect at her wedding day. We know the bouquet is a centerpiece of bride’s look. There are many ways to create unique wedding bouquet, changing up shapes, using exotic flowers or even creating silk wedding bouquets. Get inspired with our the most popular collection!


Photo 1-3: Pink Silk Wedding Bouquets For Tender Brides

Source: Kate Said Yes, Laurel Weddings, Kay English Photo via instagram


Photo 4-6: Silk Wedding Bouquets With Roses

Source: Mathersphotography, Basiapuchalskifloraldesign, Yuliya.decor


Photo 7-9: Wonderful Marsala Silk Wedding Bouquets

Source: Cindy Lee Photography, Jeanniemutrais, Magnolia Grove Flowers via instagram


Photo 10-12: Bright Coral Wedding bouquets

Source: Daniellepoffphoto, Laurel Silk Florist via etsy, Daniel Standerwick Photography via instagram


Photo 13-15: Beautiful Violet Silk Bouquets

Source: blueorchidcreations via Instagram, Cherrie Silverman aifd emc via instagram, c.m.eventcreations via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Original Camuflage Wedding Bouquets

Source: Rachel A. Clingen via instagram, LilyofangelesAnicolephotosatl


Photo 19-21: Blue Silk Bouquets For Trendy Brides

Source: Afmenaevents via Instagram, Corneliamcnamaraflowers Flowers of Elegance via instagram

Photo 22-24: Fantastic Cascade Wedding Bouquets

Source: The Marin Studio, Floral Land Florist, One Fine Day Photography


Photo 25-27: Orange Bouquets For Great Wedding

Source: Ludemas, LudemasWedideas

Photo 28-30: Deep Navy Silk Bouquets

Source: Silk Flowers By Jean via facebook, brideinbloomweddings via Instagramweddingdesigns2love via Instagram