Special Details – Wedding Thank You Card Wording


The furor surrounding the wedding planning has died down and the ceremony has taken place. You’ve returned from your wonderful honeymoon only to find a huge pile of thank you cards waiting for your attention.  Finding the right thank you card wording and knowing how to handle thank you card etiquette will go a long way toward relieving any stress you feel about tackling that pile of thank you cards.  Unfortunately, thank you cards are often overlooked, but they’re very important for letting your guests know how much you appreciated them being part of the start of your married life.

1. When To Send Thank You Cards

Notes thanking the participants of your bridal shower should be mailed out no later than two weeks after the shower takes place. For post-wedding thank you cards, the general rule is within two weeks of returning from the honeymoon, or within six to eight weeks after the wedding. It might even be beneficial to start sending out thank you cards as soon as your wedding gifts begin to arrive, even if the wedding hasn’t happened yet. Sending thank you cards early will save you a lot of time and hassle after the wedding. If you’ve got a large amount of thank you cards to send out, try tackling a set amount every day until they’re done.

2. Thank You Card Wording

Many couples have a hard time figuring out their exact thank you card wording. It’s fairly simple, though, if you know what to include. Your basic formula should include a greeting, a message of gratitude regarding their specific gift and thanking them for attending your wedding (or for taking the trouble to send a gift, even if they didn’t attend). Your message about the gift should give a bit of detail about how you’ll use it, such as “Thank you so much for the waffle maker; we use it every weekend when making breakfast.” If the gift is one you aren’t fond of or will not use, simply thank them for it and tell them you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

A cautionary note: ensure you’ve got the right personal thank you card wording for the right gift. Check at least twice to make sure you’ve got the names matched up correctly. One effective way to keep track is to open the gift and then immediately write out the card.

If you’ve received monetary gifts, thank the giver without naming the specific amount they gave you.  Just thank them and tell them their gift will be used on new furniture or perhaps as part of a down payment for your first house.

Thank you card wording is also important for guests who did not give a gift, to thank them for attending your wedding. You might also consider sending thank you cards to vendors who helped make your wedding special.