Sweet Table – Tips for Serving Wedding Macarons


The trends for wedding desserts evolve and change very quickly. Recent trends have included cupcakes, both large and tiny, individual serving wedding cakes, doughnut tables and croquembouches.

The top trend dominating wedding desserts right now is wedding macarons. These tiny and tasty creations offer an astounding array of styles, flavors, colors, and arrangements, giving you nearly complete control over the taste and look of your wedding macarons.

With the advent in the middle of the 20th century of the double macaron by Louis Ernest Ladurée, a whole new world of macarons opened up. The two delicate macarons joined in dreamy deliciousness by a layer of exquisitely flavored cream, luscious ganache or sweet and fruity jelly.

While more traditional croquembouches (a pyramid of round choux pieces laced together by caramel threads) are extremely popular at weddings in Paris, the macaron pyramid is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds and is perfectly capable of lending a delightfully elegant French feel to your wedding desserts.

If you’re planning on serving macarons at your wedding, here are some tips to ensure everything goes well.

1. Making the Order

If you’re ordering macarons for your wedding, make sure you allow enough time for the bakery to plan to make them. Macarons are neither simple nor easy and can become a nightmare to make. It’s important to make sure your bakery has ample time to make your recipe, as well as ample time for tasting and remaking if needed. For ordering worry-free wedding macarons, you should make plans to order at least eight weeks before the wedding to make sure everything is available for them. Macarons are notoriously delicate and making sure your bakery has ample time is essential to macaron success.

2. Delivery Options

Because macarons are so delicate, it may not be possible to get them unless a local bakery near you carries them. The Ladurée bakery is in the process of developing a macaron website with acceptable shipping options, but until theirs is completed and other bakeries follow suit, only brides with local access will be able to take advantage of delicious wedding macarons.

3. Storing Wedding Macarons

If you’ve got leftovers or you have to take receipt of your wedding macarons prior to the wedding, they can be stored in the lowest part of your fridge for up to three days. Make sure they aren’t exposed to temperature fluctuations and make sure they aren’t subjected to excessive humidity and moisture. Macarons can get ruined very easily, so be vigilant if you must store them.

4. Choosing Formations And Flavors

Macarons can be arranged in a number of forms, be it laid out on glittering gold trays or in a pyramid for an edible artistic display. No matter the formation you choose, some of the most popular flavors for wedding macarons include rose and vanilla, with pistachio running a close third.