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Wedding Makeup 2019 Trends


We have collected wedding makeup ideas based on the fashion week trends. The Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 trends that we love are red lips, black eyeliner, blue accents, metallic luster and glow highlighter. Look through our gallery of wedding makeup 2019 to be in trend!

Photo 1-3: Chic Shimmer Eyeshadows And Nude Lips

Source: hungvanngo via Instagramzolotashkomakeup via Instagram, mariyakalashnikova via Instagram

Photo 4-6: Wedding Makeup In Pink Tones

Source: vivis_makeup via Instagrammarmelad_wedding via Instagramtina_eisen via Instagram

Photo 7-9: Elegant Wedding Makeup

Source: lindahallberg via Instagramgrishina.viktoria via via Instagram

Photo 10-12: Passion Has Red Lips

Source: tamarawilliams1 via Instagramvivis_makeup via Instagramtamarawilliams1 via Instagram

Photo 13-15: Metallic Wedding Makeup 2019

Source: vivis_makeup via Instagramhungvanngo via Instagramlucysmagazine via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Perfect Eyes Makeup Ideas

Source: zolotashkomakeup via Instagramzolotashkomakeup via Instagramgrishina.viktoria via Instagram

Photo 19-21: The Blues 2019 Trend In Wedding Makeup

Source: tina_eisen via Instagramzolotashkomakeup via Instagramzolotashkomakeup via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Black Eyeliner

Source: tina_eisen via Instagramtina_eisen via Instagramhungvanngo via Instagram

Photo 25-27: Strobing Wedding Makeup Trend

Source: tamarawilliams1 via Instagramiulia_david_photography via Instagramtamarawilliams1 via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Dark Moody Bridal Makeup

Source: tina_eisen via Instagram


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