10 Wedding Rules & Traditions That Are Becoming Optional


10. Hiring Your Friends Is A ‘Great’ Idea

Unless your friends are professionals and you have seen their portfolios, your wedding may not be the best time to give them that big shot or cut corners. You do not want the end of a friendship to overshadow the beginning of your marriage.

One of your friends may offer to officiate the ceremony. This may SOUND like an awesome idea, but many couples regret making this decision. Not all states even ALLOW this so check if this is something you really want. Also, hiring your college-roommate as the DJ may actually turn out to be a disaster. Save yourself the drama and hire professionals. Let your friends and family attend as guests and enjoy the day.

So go ahead, toss the tradition and REALLY take control of your wedding. Forget the myths, superstitions and conventional wedding rules and have the wedding of your dreams. Don’t worry about offending anyone. It’s YOUR wedding, YOUR reception, YOUR day and YOUR marriage! Make it everything you’d hoped it would be..and more!

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