Do’s & Don’ts Of Wedding Thank You Cards


After sending out the invitations to the various guests, whom you would like to be present at your wedding, you will start to receive gifts and RSVPs. Many brides and grooms will attest to the fact that checking the mailbox becomes regular and more exciting during this period. As the gifts continue to stream in, it would be very inappropriate and even rude not to thank the senders for their generous act. While sending out thank you cards is a necessity, there is a way in which you should craft the card, to ensure that it serves its purpose – saying thank you for the gifts and best wishes. Mentioned here are guidelines on how wedding thank you cards should be crafted and send. Additionally, you will also learn what to avoid while writing and sending the cards.

While writing and sending out thank you cards to the various people, there are various things you should adhere to, including:

  1. Acquiring The Cards Prior to The Wedding Day

It is advisable to order for the cards early enough, preferably a couple of days to the wedding day. This is particularly the case because you may want to send them immediately after the wedding. However, you should work on the design of the cards prior to the wedding day. During this period, you need to identify the various aspects that you would like to be included in the cards. If you would like to include a wedding photo on the card, you may have to wait until you get the wedding photos to complete the order. If this is the case, you will need to purchase some wedding thank you notes for the senders of engagement and bridal shower gifts.

  1. Send Them a Short Period After the Wedding

While some people prefer sending out thank you cards as soon as they get the gifts, especially the shower and engagement gifts, it is advisable to send out wedding thank you cards a  few weeks after the wedding. Additionally, you should not allow a lot of time to pass before sending the gift cards, at least before six months are over.

  1. Customize the Gift Cards

It is not advisable to send out generic thank you cards to the various people. Although customizing the cards for the different people can be overwhelming, it is the best thing you can do. It makes the senders of the gifts, as well as the attendees of the wending feel, appreciated. For instance, you will need to mention the specific gift you received from that person and how you are going to put it to use. You may also go ahead and elaborate how the gift was beneficial to you and your husband. This is important because the senders of the gifts will want to know whether the gift was beneficial in your life.

If the gift was money, you need to mention how you are going to put the money to good use. For instance, you can thank the sender for giving you money towards acquiring your first home. Even if the guests did not give any gifts, you should consider sending them thank you cards as well. The card should be aimed at thanking them for being part of your wedding.

2. The Thank You Card DON’Ts

Just like there are  things you need to include in the cards, there are things that you need to avoid, some of which include:

  1. Avoid Sending The Information In A Digital Form

Though some people may consider this rather outdated, thank you messages are better sent using wedding thank you cards. As such, you should not use digital media, such as Facebook messaging, text messages and emails, to say thank you for wedding gifts.

  1. Mentioning The Monetary Value

While you may need to mention how the gift assisted you, you should refrain from mentioning the actual dollar value. Not only will this sound rude to the sender, it is inappropriate because the sender already knows that.

  1. Being Too Formal and Using Rude Language

Although it is good etiquette to send out thank you notes for the wedding gifts received, you should not be too formal. It is okay to use unnatural as well as a conversational tone in the cards. Additionally, you should avoid using rude language in the cards. For instance, if the gift did not please you, you should not say it on the card; just thank the sender for the gift.

Wedding thank you cards are a necessity today, but what you include in the cards will determine the message you pass across. You should consider the above mentioned DOs and DON’Ts before crafting and sending these Thank You cards to your friends and family members.