Wedding Venues For Budget-Conscious Brides


With the average American wedding wearing a price tag of about $20,000, it’s no wonder that couples everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs. Saving money on your wedding doesn’t have to mean you have a cut-rate version of your big day, though. Along with all the great tools available online to help with everything from staying on budget to planning every last detail, there are also great budget wedding venues that give you everything you want from a venue for your big day, without all the excess costs. Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing your wedding venue.

1. Avoid Saturdays

While getting married on a Saturday is fairly convenient, it’s a convenience you’ll pay for in higher venue costs and increased fees for other services. Choose a Sunday or a Friday for your wedding, and your venue could costs as much as 50% less than it goes for on a Saturday.


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