The wedding album will chase the best moments of your Big day. It reminds us of the most vivid emotions that you experience on your wedding day. Beautiful photos of the bride and groom are the basis of the album. The bride and groom should learn a few sweet poses in order to get perfect shots. Especially for you, we have collected these great couple poses ideas.

Photo 1-3: Popular DIP Pose

Source: Mandy Leonards PhotographyKristen Swanson PhotographyMatthew Morgan

Photo 4-6: Eyes To Eyes

Source: Tessa TadlockPEYTON RAINEY BYFORDSaid Mhamad

Photo 7-9: Sitting Couple Poses

Source: Olguin PhotographyPEYTON RAINEY BYFORDTessa Tadlock

Photo 10-12: Delicate Hugs

Source: Julie BulanovLaura Olsonchardphoto via instagram

Photo 13-15: Sweet Wedding Kiss

Source: Lauren Scottidigitaldreamer via instagramJordan Voth

Photo 16-18:  Under The Veil

Source: Jose Villachardphoto via instagramOlguin Photography

Photo 19-21: Bride In The Arms Of The Groom

Source: Tessa TadlockPEYTON RAINEY BYFORDTessa Tadlock

Photo 22-24: Unusual Photos

Source: Kristen BoothLauren ScottiAngie & Marko

Photo 25-27: From The Back

Source: chardphoto via instagram, Lauren Fair, Ben Adams

Photo 28-30: A Gentle Kiss On The Shoulder

Source: Lauren FairSusan Stripling MautnerPEYTON RAINEY BYFORD