Weddings are always a fun way to bring together all the people that have shaped the lives of the newlyweds-to-be. Whether you’re getting married soon or photographing a wedding pictorial yourself, you’ll find fresh wedding entourage photo ideas in this collection. These photos will be with you for years and keep memories about big day so take some time to look at the gallery and be inspired!

Photo 1-3: Emphasize The Clouds And Wide Skies

Source: Ryan Flynn PhotographyTnk PhotoJenna Larsen Photography

Photo 4-6: Wedding Entourage Photo Ideas – Jumping & Smoke Bombs

Source: Nick and Lauren PhotographyAga Tomaszektomslocmelisphotgrapher via Instagram

Photo 7-9: All In Flowers

Source: fatmaksoyfotograf via InstagramIkihayat Wedding PhotographyMalone Sinclaire


Photo 10-12: Wedding Entourage Photo With Cars

Source: Memento PhotographyThe FollansKevin York Photography

Photo 13-15: Ideas To Take Photos At The Theater

Source: Josephiney PhotographyBlacksheepchic Photographyelisabeth_ness via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Romantic Wedding Photos In A Library

Source: jamesmoesweddings via InstagramLucas Botz PhotographyCaroline Ghetes Photography

Photo 19-21: Actual Sport Theme For Wedding

Source: Nicole & Kevin PhotographyClean Plate PicturesFairmount Photography

Photo 22-24: Looking Through The Years

Source: Jodi Hanagan PhotographyAlly Kristensen PhotographyEsme Ducker Photography

Photo 25-27: Funny Wedding Photographs

Source: Photo Jockey PhotographyLove And Adventure PhotographyChris Barber Photography

Photo 28-30: Let’s Fly Together

Source: Silvia Lomas PhotosPhotographer Jaromír ZubákToby Lowe Photography