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30 Ideas Bohemian Wedding Receptions


Boho – great style. He looks like the most daring cocktail that the most creative bartender has ever invented. There is a lot of light and ethnic mix, a pinch of country music and a couple of drops of vintage. Boho is the joy of life, love for it in all its manifestations, freedom, airiness and naive charm. Bohemian wedding receptions are a combination of many details, lights, colors and hand made elements that together will make your holiday unforgettable.


Photo 1-3: Bohemian Wedding Receptions

Source: Alicia Abbott Photography, JasminestarLindsayhite via instagram


Photo 4-6: Table Décor

Source: LorelymezaJessicaburke via instagramPeytonrbyford via instagram


Photo 7-9: Beautiful Centerpiece

Source: Shunkwilerphoto, Brickandpinephotography, Andrewjadephoto via instagram


Photo 10-12: Reception Details

Source: Katie Harmsworth via instagram, Timemachineevent, Shea Christine Photography


Photo 13-15: Wedding Chair Décor

Source: Shari and Mike  Purlsoho  Taybrookephotography via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Warm Candles

Source: Nicberrettphoto, PatfureyphotoKristensoileauportraits


Photo 19-21: Flowers In Bohemian Décor

Source: Flornolacodecor via instagram, Salt Water Studios, Kristinalorissaphoto via instagram

Photo 22-24: Unique Dream Catchers

Source: Kararohlphoto, Brennerliana, Swiezo Malowane Rekodzielo via instagram


Photo 25-27: Beautiful And Simple Ideas

Source: Jennifer Tai Photography,  Anna Kim Photography  Melissa Marshall Photography

Photo 28-30: Amazing Lighting

Source: Bigdaybazaar, Pereandmarga via instagram, Darlingjulietphoto via instagram

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