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30 Boho Wedding Trends 2019


Boho combines a variety of details from the style of hippie, vintage, baroque, Scottish motifs and many ethnic elements. This style appeared in the late sixties, when parts from different directions merged together. Many couples dream to arrange such a unique holiday. The result is an amazing atmospheric celebration, where unusual combinations of various design elements are expressed. The best boho wedding trends 2019 are collected in our article.

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Photo 4-6: Wedding Arch

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Photo 7-9: Table Décor Ideas

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Photo 10-12: Charming Table Settings

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Photo 13-15: Bohemian Chair Decor

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Photo 16-18: Must Have Dreamcatchers

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Photo 19-21: Macramé In Wedding Decor

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Photo 22-24: Ideas With Flower

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Photo 28-30: Light Wedding Decor Ideas

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