5 Essential Bridesmaid Duties & Responsibilities


There are certain bridesmaid duties that come with the responsibility of being a bridesmaid. The bide will be busy planning a million things and every bit of help will go a long way. Here are our top 5 things you should keep in mind while being a bridesmaid.

1. The Peaceful Dress Purchase

Some brides prefer to make the dress buying process a group effort by visiting dress stores and finding the best dress for everyone. Others may prefer each bridesmaid to adhere to guidelines she has in place and find the dress on their own. Most of the time the bridesmaid will send a photo of their selection for the approval of the bride. There are occasions where the bride wants to see the bridesmaid in her dress before the purchase. Whatever the case, be supportive of the bride and her wishes. As a bridesmaid, agreeing to be in the wedding was also agreeing to be peaceful as well.

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