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Donut Wedding Decor Trends 2019


How can you not love donuts? Such fragrant, juicy, with a different filling – jam, from various fruits and berries, caramel, cream, chocolate. You can make an original wedding cake from donuts or they can be a wonderful addition to a candy bar. Donuts are a great solution for a wedding also because they are an excellent decor. If you cover them with colored or chocolate icing, powdered sugar, and sprinkle with bright topping, you’ll have a real culinary masterpiece! Donut Wedding Decor Trend 2019 you will find in our gallery.

Photo 1-3: Donut Wedding Cake Alternative

Want a tasty alternative to a usual boring wedding cake? Try a donut wedding cake! A fantastic multi-layered wedding donut piece of art is sure to surprise all the guests.  Remember all the wedding cupcake ideas? You can try them with donuts as well! Donuts instead of wedding cake are a new trend, and you still wil be able to play all your favourite cake cutting songs!

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Photo 4-6: Donut Wedding Bar

Your guests will sure appreciate a donut bar. Donut dessert table is perfect if you do not want to spend your time and money cutting and distributing wedding cake. You can even have a donut grooms cake! Just let your guest grab the donut they like – wedding bar has never been easier!

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Photo 7-9: Wedding Donut Display

Use a special donut holder to make an amazing donut display your guests will definitely enjoy!

Source: Cakesbymarium via instagram, Capturinggodscreations photos via instagram, Caressa Rogers Photography

Photo 10-12: Donut Hole Tower

Make amazing donut towers! Decorate the towers with flowers, fruit, or just various patterns of icing. Try food glitter for an even brighter impression!

Source: Ben Q Photography, Amanda Mckinnon Photography, Chelsea Nicole Photography

Photo 13-15: Wedding Donut Late Nights

Still thinking what to serve with donuts? Milkshake, hot cocoa and milk make are a perfect match your guests will love!

Source: Mikki Platt Photography  Riamishaal via instagram  Jeremy Harwell via instagram

Photo 16-18: Donut Board

Donut board is not only an original way to serve sweets, but also makes a great photo location! Your guests will love taking pictures there!

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Photo 19-21: Rustic Donuts Décor

You know what we love about donuts? The way their icing allows them to blend in into any style! Check out this amazing rustic donut decor!

Source: Eastcreek photography, Sugarizeevents via instagram, Leahrjeffers via instagram

Photo 22-24: Gold Donuts

Gold donuts make perfect donut wedding favors! Your guests will love to take home these tasty memories!

Source: Miss Gen Photography, Amanda Doublin Photography, Itsbeautifulhere via instagram

Photo 25-27: Donuts Wall

Enhance the effects of a donut board with a whole donut wall at wedding!

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Photo 28-30: Donut Wedding Decor Trend 2019

Get inspired with these great donut wedding decor ideas!

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