Only The Best George Strait Wedding Songs For Your Big Day

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Your choice of music is vital to the tone that you set at a wedding. So, if you enjoy George Strait wedding songs, it would be a great idea to find the right tunes for every aspect of your big day. A pioneer of neotraditional country music, George Strait was a popular influence in the 1980s and his music is still a favorite among lovers.


Get the perfect selection for your playlist from our list of wedding songs by George Strait.

Brides Often Ask

What is George Strait’s most famous song?

George Strait’s most famous song is no doubt, “Carrying Your Love with Me”. Released in 1997, it is still a favorite of country music fans.


Best George Strait Wedding Songs

  1. Check Yes or No
    First on our list of George Strait wedding songs is this lovely number loved by many couples. It’s a great choice for a first dance song.
  2. River of Love
    An upbeat and playful country song, “River of Love” is perfect for a first dance. It’s also great for when you just want to let loose along with your wedding guests and enjoy the party.
  3. Blue Clear Sky
    Another upbeat number, this song is great for a wedding reception. The right choice to get your guests on their feet and onto the dance floor.
  4. We Must Be Loving Right
    Talking about the unique love between you and your partner, this George Strait wedding song is a perfect choice for a wedding reception entry or exit tune.
  5. The Man in Love with You
    The lyrics of this romantic number make it a lovely choice for a first dance. Show your partner that you would always love them no matter what and be their greatest love.
  6. The Chair
    This interesting song narrates a conversation between a man and a woman. It makes a great tune to use for the wedding prelude or just as a backdrop at a wedding reception.
  7. I Cross My Heart
    An intimate song about a love that lasts, it featured as the main tune in the movie, “Pure Country”. A great choice for a wedding ceremony backdrop or a first dance.
  8. I Saw God Today
    Another interesting and upbeat number, this would make a great choice for George Strait wedding dance songs to get your guests on their feet and having fun.
  9. I Just Want to Dance with You
    The lyrics of this adorable song make it perfect for a first dance. However, it would also do for a final dance, or after the first dance when you want to get your guests on the dance floor.
  10. Love Without End, Amen
    If you want a George Strait father-daughter wedding song, then this would make a lovely choice. Add this to your wedding playlist for a song that would honor your father on your wedding day. It speaks to the love between a father and his daughter and seems especially made for such moments in time.

Every wedding needs the right music to set the perfect tone. If you need George Strait music to fill the gaps on your big day, choose either of these George Strait wedding songs to make the perfect playlist for the perfect day.