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24 Delicious Prickly Wedding Cakes And Cupcakes


Casual elegance of these prickly wedding cakes lived as breathless. A fabulous cactus accents add texture and visual interest to these white cakes. Cupcakes will look fun at your mexican wedding theme. Shapes and realization may be different and we are obsessed with this prickly ideas for wedding!


Photo 1-6: Cactus Prickly Wedding Cakes

Source: Amber Thrane, Piece of Cake Desserts, Archetype Studio

Source: KMI Photography, Winfield Little photography, Better Cake


Photo 7-12: Wedding Cakes With Succulents

Source: Simply Bloom Photography, Natalie N photography, Retrospect Images

Source: Katelin Wallace, Andrew Jade Photography, Arma Fotografie


Photo 13-18: Prickly Cupcakes & Cookes

Source: For The Love Of It, eatcakebemerry via Instagram, Ronel Kruger

Source: Nichols Photographers, Amy & Jordan Photography, babasouk via Instagram


Photo 19-24: Cactus Prickly Wedding Cakes

Source: M. Felt photography, Amber Thrane, Rachel Solomon

Source: Joielala photographie, Ashley Rae photography, Ruze Cake House

Main Photo: Alana Jones-Mann