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30 Rustic Wedding Cakes For The Lovely Reception


Rustic wedding cakes are both beautiful and very tasty. Many of the cakes incorporate fresh fruits and berries which adds deliciousness as well as amazing colours.

One of the very popular recent rustic trends is a naked wedding cake, a cake without frosting. Brides can get creative by incorporating different colour sponges to match their wedding theme.


Buttercream wedding cakes are your traditional rustic choice. They either come plain white or adorned with beautiful floral decorations made from either sugar or real flowers. There are endless ideas and decoration choices. Hope you like these as much as we do.

Photo 1-3: Rustic Naked Wedding Cakes

Source: Rose Photography, pippa_cakery via InstagramBekah Wriedt


Photo 4-6: Charming Drip Cakes For Rustic Wedding

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Photo 7-9: Rustic Buttercream Wedding Cakes

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Photo 10-12: Rustic Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

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Photo 13-15: Country Wedding Cakes

Source: milkbarstore via Instagram, Meredith Perdue, Gabe McClintock Photography

Photo 16-18: Beautiful Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Source: Cat Lane Weddings, Andi Diamond Photography, A.Tappen Photography


Photo 19-21: Small Wildflowers Wedding Cake Ideas

Source: Lydia Stern, Shae Estella Photo via Instagram, Joshua Lawrence

Photo 22-24: Romantic Pink Rustic Wedding Cakes

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Photo 25-27: Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas With Flowers

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Photo 28-30: Wedding Cakes Decorated With Branches

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