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30 Vivid Sapphire Engagement Rings


Discover amazing sapphire engagement rings. Brides love sapphires for their bright, deep color. Sapphires rings can be in all colors of the rainbow like blue, pink and yellow. Blue sapphire is the most popular and traditional gemstone. Look our gallery of dazzling engagement rings that includes vintage, classic and modern styles.


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Photo 1-3: Engagement Rings With A Blue Sapphire Stone

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Photo 4-6: Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings

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Photo 7-9: Vintage Engagement Rings with Sapphires

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Photo 10-12:  Sapphire Oval Rings

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Photo 13-15: Sapphire Gemstone Rings

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Photo 16-18: Sapphire Halo Rings

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Photo 19-21: Simple Sapphire Rings For Tender Brides

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Photo 22-24: Amazing Pink Sapphire In Engagement Rings By Brilliant Earth

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Photo 25-27: Pave Band Engagement Rings With Sapphires

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Photo 28-30: White Gold Rings With Beautiful Sapphires

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