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30 Stylish Single Bloom Wedding Bouquets


Choosing a bridal bouquet is very important and sometimes complicated task. It draws attention to a bride on her way to the aisle. Bouquet should look gorgeous together with your oh-so-important dress. An of course it will be that one lucky future bride catches at the end of the party. Usually girls like to select bouquets with a lot of blooms. But single bloom wedding bouquets look stylish and marvelous too. Be little more bold and take single flower with you!  We gathered for you inspirational collection of such kind of ideas. Take a look!


Photo 1-6: Stylish Single Bloom Wedding Bouquets

Source: Dianamaire Carmen Santorelli Photography via instagram, J Lucas Reyes photography

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Photo 7-12: Gorgeous Peonies & Calla Lilies

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Photo 13-18: Marvelous Orchids & Hydrangeas

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Photo 19-24: Single Bloom Wedding Bouquets With Magnolias

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