9 Unconventional Wedding Venues That You Need To Consider


As couples get more and more creative, weddings become less and less traditional and finding a new and exciting location to say “I do” becomes more and more difficult. If you are looking to plan an out-of-the-ordinary wedding, consider one of these unconventional wedding venues:

1. The Woods

There is something truly beautiful about being married in the dappled sunlight of the forest. Although it takes a lot of planning and preparation to turn such unconventional wedding venues into wedding masterpieces, it can be worth the effort to tie the knot in such a gorgeous place.

2. A Museum

Holding your wedding or reception at a museum can be the perfect way to surround yourselves with the things that you love. There are museums dedicated to everything under the sun, from art and science to classic cars and pinball, so you can be sure to find the right place for you.

3. A Barn

When it comes to celebrating your love in a relaxed, rustic fashion, no location beats the barn. These unconventional wedding venues may need a little elbow grease to make them truly sparkle, but with the careful use of twinkling lights and fabric drapery, you can have a wedding that glows with warmth and character.

4. Let’s Go To The Zoo

For the couple that loves animals, the local zoo makes a unique wedding location that your guests will never forget.  Your wedding photos can feature new and exciting guests, and everyone will be talking about the couple that got married next to the zebras.

5. An Old Theater

Old features have the vintage, classy feel that can make a dramatic wedding into a full-on Broadway event. The glamorous backdrop and antique vibe will be sure to impress your guests, and you will be able to pack in quite the crowd if you need to.

These gorgeous locations come pre-decorated and designed to look sharp, so they are on the top of the list of unconventional wedding venues for couples who are artsy, stylish, or just fascinated by the space. Choose a location that features art that you love, and let the location do all the work!

7. A Brewery

Forget the vineyard wedding – If you and your fiance are beer connoisseurs, pick your favorite local brewery and see if they have space for you to use. Not only will your ceremony smell deliciously like hops and barley, but you may also even get to sample the wares!

8. An Aquarium

Imagine saying your vows silhouetted against a backdrop of beautiful, unique sea creatures. If you are looking for truly unconventional wedding venues, this could be the perfect place for you to hold your ceremony or reception.

9. A City Rooftop

If you have access to a gorgeous city skyline, don’t put it to waste! Find a scenic rooftop that can hold your group and say your vows overlooking the city that you fell in love in.