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Wedding Flower Tips & Arrangement Advice From The Experts


Sometimes, choosing wedding flowers can be a really exhausting chore. Yes, it will be fun and awesome, once you get the initial details ironed out, but making those initial choices can seem like an insurmountable task. Here are some great wedding flower tips to help you get exactly the flowers you want for your wedding.

1. All Florists Are Not Created Equal

Some florists are able to design all of your wedding flowers and take care of every detail associated with them. However, some florists are strictly concerned with bouquets and don’t handle centerpieces or other floral arrangements for your wedding. Make sure the florist you choose can handle the job you want them to perform. If you don’t ensure you have the right florist for your needs, all the wedding flower tips in the world won’t help much.

2. Preparation Is Key

Before you meet a florist, do a little research so that you have an idea of what you want before you walk into the meeting. You’ll need to know things like the names of specific flowers that you like, as well as typical florist terms regarding your wedding flowers, such as “bouquet” and others.

3. Design For Your Venue

Where you’ll be having your ceremony can have a big impact on the type of flowers you choose. For instance, if you’re marrying in a botanical garden, you don’t need to have a lot of wedding flowers because nature will be providing flowers for you. You’ll be able to make a much bigger impact with far fewer flowers than you would need in a church or other indoor venue. Also keep in mind that your flowers will look best if they complement your venue. White orchids might look out of place in a rustic wedding, while wildflowers might look inappropriate in a more formal setting.

4. Consult Other Couples

One of the best wedding flower tips is to talk to other couples about their florist. A couple who I happy with their wedding flowers will be more than glad to refer you to their florist, so asking from a recommendation from other area newlyweds I one of the best ways to find a really great florist. You can set up appointments with some of the most highly recommended florists in the area and look at their portfolios to help make your decision easier. Most florists need to be booked about six to eight months before your big, so don’t dally in finding the right florist for your wedding.

5. Just Telling Isn’t Enough

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is especially true when it comes to letting your florist know exactly what you have in mind for your wedding flowers. Take pictures of floral arrangements you like to your florist and make sure they understand exactly what you want. Just telling a florist that you want specific flowers and colors isn’t enough. If you want to have the perfect flowers for your wedding, you have to make sure you communicate clearly with your florist. This may mean taking along swatches of fabric, pictures and a tablet or laptop so that you can show them your Pinterest or other wedding boards. It’s also important that you know why you like specific arrangements. Is it the colors, or are you attracted to the actual look of the flowers?

6. Keep To The Budget

Traditionally, about 10% of your wedding budget should be allocated to your flowers and other decorations. At the first meeting with your florist, make sure you communicate your budget and what you need to accomplish for that cost. No list of wedding flower tips would be complete without some mention of keeping to the budget, so make sure you pay special attention to getting everything you need while sticking to your planned spending. This means accounting for any centerpieces and flowers you may need for the ceremony itself.

7. Stay In Season

Be aware that some flowers will not always be available. Even if certain flowers are available, if they’re out of season, they’re probably going to be far more expensive than in-season options. Talk with your florist and make sure you understand what is available to you, what’s in season and what kinds of arrangements are going to fit into your budget.

8. Keep To Your Style

If your ceremony is going to have a classic feel, you might want to stick with more classical flowers like peonies and roses. Big, lush, soft blooms are more suited for romantic themes, while minimalist flowers may work very well with a more elegant style ceremony. Choosing the right flowers to work with your overall style is an important part of keeping the elements of your ceremony cohesive and unified. Whether you’re going for a traditional ceremony or a more modern affair, your flower can help bring your wedding together.

9. Be Specific

Many different flower varieties come in a lot of different colors and types. For instance, if you want roses at your wedding, you can’t just ask for roses. You have to let your florist know what kind of roses (tea roses, sweetheart roses, long-stemmed) you want and specify a color, too. Don’t set your mind on a specific type of flower just because you want a specific color. There might be more flowers than you know available in the colors you need. Not only are there pink roses, but there are also pink tulips, pink lilies, pink peonies and a whole slew of other flowers in a wide array of pinks. Not only will you be able to create unique floral arrangements, you can craft specific meanings with your wedding flowers.

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