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Top 12 Tips For DIY Wedding Flowers


Considering DIY wedding flowers for your big day is a raised gold bar of creativity. It is one thing to make something for the house and another to make your wedding flowers. You need to put in your all and best in learning how to DIY wedding flowers.

DIY wedding flowers ideas are not for the fickle-minded or a person with a short attention span. It’s your best day, and everything, up to the DIY wedding floral arrangements should be perfect. I won’t fail to tell you that, although it is cheaper to DIY, flowers are not cheap. But there are some cheap flowers for a wedding that will look as gorgeous for your floral portfolio.

From great flower ideas for a wedding to floral arrangements and centerpieces, there is a lot to learn. You’d need some classes and guide. So, read this post, get tips and learn how to make a wedding flower.

How To Make Wedding Flowers Bouquet

If you’re looking for how to cut costs, DIY wedding bouquet may not be your answer. Well, unless you ignore the cost of the designer’s time. Anyway, if you decide that you’re up for it, we are with you. Below we will show you the steps to make wedding flower bouquets.

Materials you need:

  • Flower stem cutting shears
  • Specific floral tape
  • Pins for bouquets
  • Floral ribbons
  • Bucket and water

How to make a wedding flower?

  • Remove all dirt and foliage from the stem. Nip the dying parts of the stem using flower shears.
  • If you have roses in your collection, take out the thorns.
  • Nip the stems till they are all the same.
  • Build the base of your bouquet with two to four flowers.
  • Bundle the stems of the flowers together with floral tape.
  • Allow visibility of about one inch of the stem when you wrap it. And leave four to five inches of stem exposed at the bottom of the flowers.
  • Now, you can start adding and filing up the bundled flowers with other flowers. If you want something stunning, create a bunch of flowers with variations of colors and features.
  • As you add flowers, keep them firm by wrapping them with floral tape.
  • When you finish bunching the flowers and firming with floral tape, begin with the bouquet ribbons.
  • Roll the ribbons around the flowers in a horizontal fashion. Leave 11/2 with 0.4″ or your preferred inches of stem from the floral head exposed.
  • Keep wrapping until the bouquet ribbon covers the floral tape.
  • Fix on the bouquet pins to secure the wrap.
  • There you go! Wedding flowers are ready!


Top Tips For DIY Wedding Flowers


Make A Plan

Begin the journey to creating your own wedding flowers by making a plan. First, you have to make research in advance. What flowers do you need for a wedding and how durable? Most flowers will wilt before you use them, while others don’t smell great. Some are dangerous and some can cause allergies.

Next, you should get your kit for DIY wedding flower arrangements. It contains everything you need to make your own wedding flowers. From tools, down to even vessels.

And the last thing is to create your design in advance. Sleeping on Pinterest or waiting till the flowers arrive will not give you the inspiration you need. Think up designs you can create and document them in advance


Take Classes

The phrase “easier “seen” than done” isn’t any truer than DIY wedding flowers. Pardon my configuration of the phrase. But it is easier to watch flower boards on Pinterest and think you can do it. This is until it gets down to doing it before you realize you can’t.

So, prepare to take classes from your local florist, even before you get your supplies. Hunt around your neighborhood for florists who teach couples how to DIY wedding flowers. This will prepare you ahead for the project you chose to take on.


Work with Seasonal Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers is best done by going seasonal. Flowers in season are cheaper and blooming. For instance, hydrangeas are flowers you can get all year round. This is because they grow in greenhouses and are always available. Peonies, on the other hand, are never available in summer. So if you find them, they’d come at insane prices.

In spring, you’d find Lilies, Garden Roses, Daisies, Orchids, Peonies, Lace leaves, etc. In the summer season, you’d find Poppies, Snapdragons, Oncidium Orchids, Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, etc. For fall, it’s Dahlias, Anemones, Tulips, Camellia, Bouvardia, etc. And for winter, you’d get Ranunculus’s, Carnations, roses, Tulips, Gardenias, Amaryllis, etc.

  • Avoid The Complex Routines

In the spirit of truth-telling, please keep it simple. Avoid the fantasy of DIY wedding floral centerpieces suspended in the air. Leave all the wedding bouquet with led lighting or 3D floral arrangements. You will not do a great job if you DIY them.

Truth is that you will practice upwards of ten times before you get the simple ones. You don’t want to run the risk of having a wedding without a bouquet or floral arrangements. If you wish for top-notch floral aesthetics for wedding, hire a trained florist.


Keep The Flowers Alive

Immediately your floral beauties arrive, nip their stems at an angle of 45 degrees. Do not nip them in a straight fashion. Put them in a bucket of water or vase, as this keeps them alive.

Cutting them in an angular fashion gives them more surface area for water absorption. This is the first step to prevent them from wilting before you use them. Next is to store them in a cool dry place. Flowers don’t respond well to high temperatures.

It will hurt to blow good money on flowers and have them wilt or dead before use.

  • No Potted Soil

If you want to buy succulents for decorations, avoid the ones in potted dirt’s. There are succulents sold in potted dirt and those without soiling. Favor the later because it’s neater and easier to handle. It also makes your work come out perfect. Handling dirt as an amateur may ruin your work.

Do more of larger succulents if you plan to DIY wedding floral centerpieces. They appear well balanced and interesting. When you should use smaller succulents is if you want to DIY bouquets or boutonnieres. It blends in with ease, rather than look over the top.


Do Not Refrigerate Those Fragile Floral Beauties

Yes, we know that we said something about storing flowers in a cool dry place. But refrigerating your floral collection is an extreme one for those fragile goodness. There is a regular refrigerator and there is the floral refrigerator. And you may not have the floral one, as it should be because you’re not a florist.

Please do not put in the regular refrigerator. Keep them in a cool and shaded place instead. The humidity and temperature of normal refrigerators are too low for flowers. They will kill your flowers in a matter of minutes.

  • Take Your Lipstick Floral Shopping

Your wedding lipstick color should be a fundamental part of your floral line up. At times, it is hard to name the accurate color you want to the florist. It will make both your jobs easier if you get your lipstick across.


Work With Varieties Of Floral Matching Mixtures

Create a unique floral arrangement by opting for flowers you’d not see together. Take a combination of Orchids, Peonies and Pink Yarro’s for interesting bouquets. For your tablescape, use lush greenery and inexpensive flowers or bright blooms. This will give rise to an interesting tablescape.

If you feel like some metallic boldness, use some gold metallic spray. It will give your succulents a facelift.

  • Blend In Some Non-Floral Accents

Take the easy way out by reducing the number of blooms to replace with non-floral accents. Incorporate them into your floral arrangements and decor for an interesting look.

Consider lanterns, tabletop candles, grasses, feathers, ribbons, etc. This reduces the time you’d spend DIY-ing by hours. It is also another way to cut costs. You wouldn’t need to buy so many flowers.


Create Realistic Timelines

Make your timelines for floral arrangements realistic. Bouquets may take 45 minutes each while centerpieces may be 15 minutes each. Allow yourself some extra minutes for when you don’t get it right the first time.

  • Have A Backup Plan

In case your quest to DIY doesn’t go well, have a florist on speed dial. Begin to practice early so that you can get it right. A florist can save the day. No last minutes!

DIY wedding flowers are quite a feat to accomplish. And it is rewarding to know that you made all your flowers by yourself. But first, you should learn how to make a wedding flower, by taking classes. We also talked about how to make your bouquets and gave tips too. Read this post if you want to ace your DIY wedding flowers ideas. Give your wedding a personal touch.