A Wedding Guest’s Guide To Dressing For The Big Day


With wedding season fast approaching, you might be looking at your calendar and realizing that you’ve got several weddings to attend over the next few months.  Wedding guests might not know exactly what to do (and not do) during various seasons and at different types of weddings. Here’s a guide on what to avoid when dressing for a wedding.

1. Avoid White

No matter which season or what kind of wedding you’re going to, wedding guests should never wear white. The reason for this should be obvious; the guests should not take any attention away from the bride. It’s her big day, so wearing white at her wedding is her privilege.

2. Avoid Upstaging the Bride

Let’s face it; a wedding is a great reason to go shopping!  Just make sure you’re not buying something that’s going to take attention off the bride. Don’t go overboard with sequins or a dress that looks ready to make a splash at the senior prom. Go for class and elegance, with an understated style. Anything that glitters, sparkles or jingles should stay on the rack.

3. Avoid Black

If you’re attending a wedding, you shouldn’t look like you’re attending a wake.  Wedding guests, especially at spring and summer weddings, should be wearing lighter, brighter colors. Bold colors are welcome, as are bold prints. If you just have the perfect little black dress and you feel it would be a shame not to wear it, at least give it a boost of color with a sheer wrap or other bright accessories.

4. Avoid Showing Too Much Skin

Outfits that are risque or revealing aren’t appropriate for weddings, especially weddings where children will be present.

5. Avoid Dressing too Casually

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not wearing jeans to a wedding. Wedding guests should never wear anything too casual to a wedding; it’s an important event and guests should make an effort to look nice. Take advantage of weddings to wear that great new dress you’ve been dying to try out; if it were your wedding, you’d want your guests to make an effort to look nice, too.

6. Avoid Drab Colors for Summer Weddings

Weddings taking place in the summer call for light, breezy colors and breathable fabrics, even if they’re held indoors. Pretty pastels and bright colors also pair perfectly with your summer tan! Plan ahead and make sure you’re not wearing the same color as the wedding party, though.

7. Avoid Uncomfortable Shoes

Wearing shoes that cause you pain is a huge mistake that wedding guests make on a regular basis because they often don’t think about how much standing they’ll be doing. If you take a comfortable pair of shoes along with you, you’ll be able to change if you need to and save yourself a lot of agonies.