Wedding Invitations – Postage and Other Important Tips


After you choose your invitations and they finally arrive from the printer, you have to get them ready to send out. Here are some tips for wedding invitations, postage, and mailing.

1. Supply RSVP Postage

For your wedding invitations, postage is needed for more than just sending the invitation itself; you also need to place stamps on your RSVP envelopes. This small courtesy makes it easy for your invitees to respond to your invitation, without having to worry that guests will drop it in the mail without postage (ensuring you don’t ever receive it) or be making them pay to send the response you requested. A single stamp for each RSVP envelope should suffice, as it weighs much less than the whole invitation.

2. Stuffing Envelopes Takes Time

Don’t underestimate how long it’s going to take to get your invitations in their envelopes and all ready to send out. If you have a wedding planner, they may handle the envelope stuffing for you. However, if you’re going to handle it yourself, you might want to lasso a few of your bridesmaids to help you.

There’s also a specific order in which your envelopes should be stuffed: the invitation should be on the bottom, and then each piece is stacked atop it in descending order, with the smallest piece on top. Your RSVP cards should tuck into the flap of their envelopes, with the flap covering a portion of the text. Everything should be placed into the unsealed inner envelope, and then into the outer envelope so that it faces outward; this allows the recipient to read it as they remove it from the envelope.

3. Request Hand Cancelling

When you drop your invitations at the post office, request that they are hand canceled, as this will save them from being put through the sorting machine. It is an unfortunate fact that the sorting machine can cause major damage to your wedding invitations. Postage and hand canceling are two very important parts of sending your invitations. Oddly shaped envelopes or those weighing over a certain amount might require hand canceling; however, if your invitations are not oddly shaped or too large, you might have to pay an additional fee for hand canceling. If you don’t want your invitations damaged in sorting, it’s worth it to pay the extra fee.

4. Get the Right Weight

When you’re figuring up postage, it’s important to get a weight for a fully assembled invitation. With wedding invitations, postage can vary quite a lot, so making sure you have the right weight, to begin with, is very important. Once you have the correct weight, consider buying custom stamps for your invitations, or choose specialty stamps from the post office.