Wedding Registry Etiquette – Don’t Make These Mistakes


While there’s not really a reason to be nervous, there is a lot more to creating your wedding registry than just fantasy shopping and endless scanning. Here are some common mistakes couples make with their wedding registry ideas. Avoid them if you can! Follow our wedding registry etiquette.

Mistake 1: Failing To Register

There are many reasons why couples may decide not to create a registry, but most of them don’t hold water. A wedding registry is expected and your guests will probably want to get you a little something to celebrate your big day. It isn’t tacky and no one thinks you’re just fishing for gifts, so go ahead and register. As an extra incentive, just remember that if you don’t register, there are probably some very “unique” gifts headed your way. Remember Aunt Agnes?  Yeah, she’s getting you a terrible olive drab green couch cover, and you don’t even own a couch!


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