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48 Wedding Sexy Boudoir Photos For Groom


There are very few things that compare to stepping into your wedding gown. Stepping OUT of your dress is definitely one of them.

When assembling an album for your boudoir, sexy photos are a definite must! The following list of sexy boudoir photos for the groom are NSFW but for sure worth a look as you get ready for your special day… and night.


Pure Wedding Sexy Boudoir Photos For Groom

You’ll most definitely be putting a lot of thought into your lingerie and heels, but don’t forget to put as much thought into the poses you’ll be striking. You want to keep it classy but this is supposed to be fun! Try a couple twists and turns to capture all your right curves. Also, make sure to try a few zooms to get the full bodies and close-crops.
Source: Jose Villa, Nadia Meli, Lightburst photography

Source: Nadia Meli, Jemanci, Elizabeth Messina

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Her Tempting Legs

Your groom may be shy while he’s sliding it down your leg at the ceremoney, but your garter is a sexy symbol that he definitely wants in his just-for-him collection. Legs are sexy on their own. Under a wedding gown, they’re to die for. Give your groom what he craves and include tons of silky smooth leg photos in your boudoir album.
Source: Anna D PhotosCherry Grapes PhotographyJillian Todd

Source: Mauricio Renteria FotografiaTamara Grüner PhotographyNat&Jude Photography


Under The Veil

Your groom has been waiting for your wedding day (and night) for a long time, and it’s never been pornographic. Keep the collection artistic by bringing the photo-shoot outside. The combination of skin, sheer, lace, and silk against the woods, flowers, and leaves will add to the album in a way he won’t soon forget.
Source: Mitinkin, Katherine Henry Boudoir, Heather Waraksa

Source: Lightburst photography, Jose Villa, Angelaspillerphotography


Charming Photos Outdoors

You are going to be getting in and out of a lot of outfits throughout your nuptial events, and you’re going to look damn good doing it. Give your groom a little taste of what’s to come in your boudoir lineup. Showing off some skin complimented by the oh-so-sexy outfits you’ll be slipping in and out of. A lot of these wardrobe changes may just happen to be in a hotel room. This is a sexy way to remind him of that big night.
Source: Coco Tran photography, Boudoir by Brittany Van Beek, Lightburst photography

Source: Lost In Love Photography, via Instagram, ksemenikhin via Instagram


Sexy Photos For Groom

As princess-like as your wedding gown is, your groom can’t help but think it’s sexy. You’ll be the most beautiful ‘you’ as you walk down the aisle, but your wedding dress can multi task. Your gown can be a great prop against your risque poses, and a helpful concealer if you’re brave enough to go near nude but want to stay a little covered up with some strategic drapes of fabric.
Source: Naveed Ahmad Photography, korotkovaanna via Instagram, wspanialewesele via Instagram

Source: Jay Jay Studios photography, saharozaa via Instagram, fitbossbitch via Instagram

With The Dress And In Boudoir

Source: Louis Ybanez, Edgardy Reyes Photographye_s_p_a_n_a via Instagram

Source: Lifeasfineart, Jennifer Williams, lifeasfineart


Beautiful Bridal Photos With Bouquet

A bridal bouquet can be used when the photographer makes boudoir photos. It can select and supplement such photos, add entourage and make the atmosphere.
Source: Federica CavicchiQuianna Marie PhotographyNatali Wendt

Source: OhsolovelyboudoirGuzenko_photoIrontjorge

Temping Bride

Source: NinanolepahairandmakeupdesignDanielleraneephotographyPoutphotography

Source: Rowanberry lavenderFotografiadeluxoBoudoirbybrittanyvanbeek

Most brides can keep the pre-honeymoon photo-shoot in order. One tip is to keep the morning after in mind. You made the arrangements, you walked down the aisle, you shared your vows, and you had the night of your dreams. You’re about to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. What’s sexier than that?!


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