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30 Comely Wedding Shower Decor Ideas


Bridal shower really offers a great opportunity to bring friends together to celebrate your upcoming big day, and so we’ve found some amazing wedding shower decor ideas that we think will get you inspired to plan. From bar ideas to beautiful receptions in different styles for your bridesmaids, this is a list in our gallery!



Photo 1-3: Wedding Shower Decor Ideas With Balloons

Source: Charlotte Balbier, Heather Renee Photography, Jared Smith Photography


Photo 4-6: Amazing Ideas For Bar On Wedding Shower

Source: Mary Costa Photography, Jessica Bordner, Ducky Jessica Photography


Photo 7-9: Beautiful Girly Drinks

Source: Lauren Rosenau, Love Janet Photography, Alixann Loosle Photography


Photo 10-12: Bridal Shower Buffet Decor Ideas

Source: Jessica Bordner, meg mcgovern hamilton via Instagram,  Jessica Burke Photography

Photo 13-15: Special Seat Decor Ideas For Future Brides

Source: Luminaire Images, Ryan Hebert PhotographyTic-Tock


Photo 16-18: Bridal Shower Reception Ideas For Bohemian Brides

Source: By Amy Lynn Photography, Jessica Bordner, Alixann Loosle Photography

Photo 19-21: Blooming Garden Bridal Shower Ideas

Source: Jessica Bordner, Janeane Marie Photography, Tree of Life Films & Photos via Instagram


Photo 22-24: Lovely Ideas For Tea Party With Bridesmaids

Source: Wood Note Photography, Genevieve Leiper Photography, Irish Grzanich

Photo 25-27: Bridal Shower Signs Ideas

Source: Michaela Janetzko, We Freeze Photography, Morgan Mclane Photography via Instagram


Photo 28-30: Decor Ideas With Flowers For Wedding Shower

Source: Symbolique Photography, Sarah Gormley Photography, Genevieve Leiper Photography