Wedding Stationery Guide – What to Get, Send & When


One of the most confusing parts of planning your wedding can be dealing with the wedding stationery.  Never fear; all you need is this handy, no-fail wedding stationary guide. It’ll answer those pesky stationary questions and give you a timeline for your big day.

1. Eight Months and Counting…

Make a website for your wedding. It’s an easy, free way to keep everyone up to date on your nuptials.  Many wedding stationary providers have website templates coordinated with your invitations. Your personal website may handle online RSVPs and other essential wedding details, and they’re typically free for an entire year. Having a wedding website helps to tie your wedding preparations together, giving you a better way to keep track of everything.

Now is the time for ordering “save the date” cards. These reminders help friends and family know about your wedding earlier than traditional invitations, giving them ample opportunity to set aside your special day.  Save the date cards can be coordinated with your wedding design, or they might include a fun photo of you and your beloved.

Start looking at wedding invitations now, too; this wedding stationary guide says you’ll need to order them in just two months.

2. Six Months and Counting…

Mail out your “save the date” cards no later than six months before your big day. If you’re going to have a location wedding, the earlier you can send these cards, the better; it will give your guests time to make travel plans.

Your invitations should be ordered six months before your wedding. Your invitations should be a reflection of your personal style and tie in well with your wedding’s overall design. There are many different types of wedding invitations; choosing the right one will set the right tone for your wedding day.

While you’re taking care of ordering your invitations, you’ll need to choose the response, enclosure and thank-you cards, as well.

3. Four Months and Counting…

You’re going to need thank-you cards for your wedding shower and/or bachelorette party. Your shower thank-you cards should reflect your unique style and personality; and according to your handy wedding stationary guide, now’s the time to order them.

Your guest list should be organized by now, and your wedding invitation envelopes should be ready to have the guest addresses put on them.

4. Two Months and Counting…

Your invitations should be mailed out now. Once you’ve got that done, you’ll need to order accessories such as menus, wedding programs, and place cards.

5. 30 Days and Counting…

The wedding stationary guide says it’s time to get your favors taken care of and catch up on anything you haven’t gotten done yet. The more you get done now, the less stress you’ll feel as your big day approaches.

6. After the Big Day…

When you return from your honeymoon, it’s polite to have your thank-you notes sent out within a couple of weeks.