The question was popped, the answer was “Yes” and the engagement has been announced. Now it’s time to begin the wedding planning process and you’ve got hundreds of ideas running through your head. The big question that most brides ponder is how soon is too soon to start planning.

We have tips to help you master the 12 month planning process (see this infographic with 12 month wedding planning timeline and then read the whole article).

12 Months To Wedding Day

• Identify a potential budget and communicate with your partner about what you envision your wedding day to be like.
• Set a wedding date. If you have flexibility in your wedding date, visit a few different venues that you like to find out their availability and cost.
• Research the policies and conveniences of venues.
• Create a rough draft of the guest list
• Discuss with your parents what they plan to contribute to your wedding regarding finances and then set your budget.
• If considering a wedding planner, interview several and choose the one that best meets your needs.

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