You’re about to embark upon one of the most important and adventurous journeys of a lifetime, marriage. Of course you’re excited but this is no easy task and the journey down the aisle can be a bit challenging for many brides. Therefore, it’s only natural that as a bride, you have a few hidden fears and doubts. To help you overcome those doubts and fears, we have composed five “what if” questions that almost every bride asks herself before saying “I DO.”

1. What If We Lose The Spark?

Average numbers reveal that most marriages take place with couples in their 30’s and 70 is the     average life expectancy. This means that most couples will spend about 50 years as husband and wife, if “til death do us part” is honoured.

Consider This: How many times have you worried about getting bored with your parents, BFF or children? In most cases, these are people who are in your lives for ages and there is rarely any thought given to boredom in these relationships. Marriage to the person you’ve chosen to love shouldn’t be any different.


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