As a groom, having good manners goes a long way in life and it’s quite easy to accomplish this art. It’s simply a way of displaying and putting your best intentions forward during all encounters. Cordial acts should be heartfelt, consistent and charming, even when circumstances cause you to feel otherwise. Here are 12 groom’s tips that are sure to help every groom be the perfect gentleman at every chance encounter.

1. The Car Knight

You have the task of driving your fiancee home.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Once you reach the destination, walk to the passenger side of the vehicle, help her from the car and escort her to the door to make sure she enters safely.

2. The Traffic Shield

A casual morning, noon or late evening stroll down the street with your fiancée.
Gentlemanly Behavior – You should always walk on the side that is nearest to traffic as a means to shield her from traffic.


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