For the couple that is just moving in together, or for those who have already established their home but need to do a little work to spruce the place up, setting up a well-thought-out bridal registry is a great way to fill those empty cabinets and get those things that you need every day, but can’t bring yourself to splurge on. This is a critical item among wedding planning checklists, so if you’re having trouble thinking of things to add to your list, consider these seven bridal registry necessities:

1. Linens

While you may not yet believe that high quality sheets are worth the price, you’ll be surprised to find how luxurious feeling and long-lasting high thread-count sheets can actually be. Add a few different sets to your list, and consider adding seasonal options such as flannel and silk. Furnishing your bed with fresh, lush sheets is a luxury you shouldn’t pass up on.


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