It seems like something straight out of your nightmares, but after finding the right guy, planning a beautiful wedding and having a lot of fun at your bridal and wedding showers, you step into your gorgeous, perfect dress and find that it doesn’t fit anymore. All that fun at the celebrations surrounding your wedding has resulted in a bit of extra weight. Now, it’s not long until the big day and you don’t fit into the gown. There’s no time for alterations, but with some strict self-discipline, you can drop a dress size before your wedding day.

Have Some Water…and Some More

Being well-hydrated is essential to your plan to drop a dress size before your wedding. Water’s benefits are many and varied, but the most important for your purposes are that water helps flush out cellulite and reduces body fat, while improving your digestive processes. Water also helps your skin look great and does an outstanding job of banishing dark under-eye circles. By drinking about two-and-a-half liters of water every day, you’ll realize the full benefits while also feeling full.

To drink this much water every day can be difficult. By breaking it into small segments, you’ll better be able to ensure you’re staying properly hydrated. If you have a 1-liter water bottle, it’s easy to keep water handy and drink throughout the day.  Most essentially, drink about half a liter before bed, as well as before you get out of bed. Drink another half-liter before beginning each meal to drop a dress size by your wedding. Be mindful that drinking enough water will increase the amount you’re urinating every day.


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