36 Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas For Rustic Weddings


Baby’s breath sometimes gets characterized as more of a “filler” flower, evening out bouquets and adding texture here and there. But recently, we’ve seen this filler flower go front and center in sweeping rustic arrangements. If you are thinking of going all-white in your wedding flowers, consider incorporating large bouquets of baby’s breath into the mix for a twinge of pastoral elegance. These small white and blush buds will add a fragrant smell and an airy aesthetic to your outdoor or indoor celebration. See below our gallery of baby’s breath wedding ideas to find a new ways to use it!


Photo 1-6: Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas For Ceremony

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Photo 7-12: Table Decoration

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Photo 13-18: Bouquets

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Photo 19-24: Charmin Baby’s Breath Bridal Arch And Aisle Ideas

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