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30 Creative Ways To Decorate Barn Wedding


A wedding in a barn is very popular because it makes the celebration unique and saves the budget. Barn is perfectly suitable both for outdoor and indoor wedding reception. In the barn you can organize a cozy rustic or glamorous and elegant wedding. If this describes your preference then you will love these barn wedding ideas in our gallery. Enjoy watching!


Photo 1-3: Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Source: Lauren Fair, Imago Dei Photography, Sarah Maren


Photo 4-6: Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas

Source: Jennifer Van Elk Photography, Robert Radifera Photography, Jose Villa


Photo 7-9: Elegant Reception Decor Ideas

Source: corbingurkin via InstagramKelly Louise Weddings, Studio This Is


Photo 10-12: Amazing Lighting Ideas For Barn

Source: Emily Wren, Settlers Creek, ambergressphotography via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Lovely Outdoor Barn Decor Ideas

Source: Anekdota Studio, Anna Delores Photograph, jasmineleephoto via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Simple Decor Ideas With Cloth

Source: tyfrenchphoto via Instagram, Live View Studios, Kimberly Kay Photography


Photo 19-21: Hanging Decor Ideas For Charming Atmosphere

Source: Jeff Mason Photography, Ben and Colleen, Alyona Photography

Photo 22-24: Greenery Wedding Decor Ideas

Source: josevilla via Instagramcorbingurkin via Instagram, Dana Cubbage