what brides must tell their bridesmaids

What Brides MUST Tell Their Bridesmaids


Even if each of your bridesmaids has performed those duties before, and even in the event you’ve been a bridesmaid, you might still find yourself wondering what to tell your bridesmaids as your big day approaches. Your bridesmaids are probably waiting for you to tell them what you need them to do and may be resisting the urge to send you a full-on questionnaire by text message. Instead of getting frustrated and questioning your ‘maids as to why they aren’t helping, tell them exactly what you need from them; avoid tons of bewildered texts and emails.

1. Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your inbox and text alerts under control by creating a bridesmaid FAQ. This is a great task for your maid of honor and will help your bridesmaids know what to expect on your big day.


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