Top Elvis Wedding Songs Of All Time

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Elvis Presley is an iconic singer recognized in the Rock and Roll, Gospel, Country, and Rockabilly genres. This makes Elvis’s wedding songs a versatile addition to your big day regardless of the wedding theme. So do you want something for walking down the aisle, Elvis wedding songs father-daughter, first dance songs, and more? There’s something for you. However, there are some of his songs that you should avoid! We’ve compiled a full list of the best songs for a wedding and this to avoid. Check them out and rock to the music.


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Best Elvis Wedding Songs

You can play Elvis songs for the wedding ceremony, reception, and even the after-party. Pick any of these songs by Elvis Presley to Kickstart your playlist.

  1. I Love You Because 1956
    Composed in 1956, I Love you because is one of the top Elvis wedding songs that speak to the couple. This song is a perfect first dance song, but it can also feature during the exchange of rings.
  2. Pledging My Love, 1977
    Elvis songs for a wedding don’t get better than Pledging my love. This song is a perfect slot for taking vows and making promises. If you’re also looking for crisp Elvis Presley first dance wedding songs, this is it!
  3. It’s Now or Never, 1960
    It’s now or never is a 1960 timeless hit that rocks a bride down the aisle during the ceremony. At the reception, this piece is one of the best Elvis first dance wedding songs.
  4. Are You Lonesome Tonight, 1960
    Are you Lonesome Tonight is one of Elvis’s love songs wedding special released in 1960? It is a great addition to your ceremony recessional playlist and the last dance for everyone.
  5. I Just Can’t Help Believing, 1971
    You can’t believe that you found true love? This 1971 hit is one of Elvis’s wedding song’s first dance perfection that you can’t miss. Waltz to this beat with your beloved to seal your love.
  6. Hawaiian Wedding Song, 1961
    With over four decades of being a favorite, Hawaiian Wedding Song is the perfect bridal party dancefloor hit and father-daughter song. It slaps better if you’re having a coastal, destination, or beach wedding.
  7. A Big Hunk O’ Love, 1959
    This is one of the classic wedding songs by Elvis Presley that remains evergreen. It is a safe choice for reception, especially as a groom’s serenade to the bride. Couples can also move to this song during the last dance.
  8. Unchained Melody, 1978
    This 1978 hit is one of the most heartfelt Elvis mother-son wedding dance songs. The song reminds them of how far they’ve come and how they still need each other. Couples can also opt for this number for the perfect first dance.
  9. I’ll Remember You, 1966
    This is a wedding reception material from the bride to the groom. It is a promise to always be there and to love always. What else does a bride need from her groom but such commitment?
  10. Love Me, 1956
    Love me is a love ballad that should feature in your wedding walk down the aisle, exchange of rings, or background music. During the reception, it is a great first dance song for the couple. The words are heartfelt and meaningful.

Elvis Songs to Avoid at Your Wedding

The wedding songs Elvis sang are timeless classics that would forever appeal. However, see a list of his songs that you should avoid and why.

  1. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
    Change this title. It can’t be a popular wedding song and still be avoided. That’s a contradiction.
  2. Crying in the Chapel
    This song could pass as one of the father-daughter Elvis wedding songs. But it has a sad undertone and tilts more towards spirituality. So, avoid it if you don’t want a Derby Downer vibe at your wedding.
  3. Mean Woman Blues
    This 1957 movie soundtrack is for the club and never a wedding. The lyrics sexualize his Woman while calling her mean at the same time. You want to keep lyrics classy and appropriate for everyone present.
  4. Hound Dog
    Hound Dog is arguably one of the worst releases by Elvish Presley. It is a song empty of lyrics and the little it contains belittled the woman. You don’t want to call your bride a Hound Dog with no class, who cries all the time.
  5. Suspicious Minds
    Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley is a song based on obsession, distrust, and stagnation. A marriage should have hope, trust, progress, and healthy love. Suspicious Minds is not a song that should ever be on your wedding playlist.

Elvis wedding songs are timeless and iconic classics that will always appeal to couples. His versatility gives couples a song for every wedding stage. However, there are some of his songs that are not wedding material. We made a list of the best and the worst Elvis Presley songs to guide you in creating your playlist. Choose your best and rock and roll!