Your Fiance Red Flags To Watch Out For

Your Fiance – Red Flags To Watch Out For


So, you’ve got a great boyfriend who’s just proposed to you and there are stars in your eyes and a song in your heart…and alarm bells ringing in the back of your mind? If you’ve got a brand new fiance, red flags are extremely important and can help you avoid a lot of drawn-out heartache and despair. Here are some red flags you should pay attention to, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in.

1. Moving Too Fast

If you’re contemplating marriage and you haven’t known each other very long, you might do well to take a step back and assess things before you proceed. Sometimes, these fiance red flags pop up in the very beginning of a relationship. However, over the span of a few weeks or months, you grew closer to him and disregarded it as nerves. Now, as you’re considering becoming his wife, you’ve got to think about why he might have popped the question so quickly. Perhaps he’s one of those guys who’s afraid he’ll never really be able to commit and is using you as a test run, or maybe he’s just one of those who gets very attached, very easily, and far too quickly. Whatever the reason, it’s probably not a great situation for you.


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