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10 Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore


It’s beautiful to be in love, but you should be on the lookout for relationship red flags. It’s always better to spot the red flags in relationships very early before you invest too much. This is because once opinions are well formed and emotions invested, it’s always too hard to let go.

But to spot them, you must know your relationship red flags and deal breakers. And to know your non-negotiables, you must know yourself through by finding yourself first. This will help you know the right questions to ask early on in the relationship and spot the red flags.

Things like, a man being abusive, or saying I love you too soon, is a red flag. A man who is divisive and controlling, hides you, or is unaccountable flashes red flags everywhere.
These traits and more we’ve listed below are enough for you to get out of the red zone!

10 Relationship Red Flags


Moving the relationship too fast

This is one of the early red flags in a relationship you must spot. We’ve heard of the whirlwind romance and seen them in movies. But, what is too good to be true, may turn out to be a lie after all. Your partner is saying I love you too soon or wants to tie you to them, before anyone else knows, etc. These are relationship too fast red flags and you must slow down. Soft pedal and investigate. If possible, take some time off. They may be on the rebound or they’re trouble.


Poor communication

This is one of the most draining relationships red flags. A partner that gives you the silent treatment when they err. One that stays closed off, rather than discuss an issue that’s of importance. It tops as one of the major red flags in a relationship with a man. They want the issue to die on its own. But if you must move forward, you will learn to talk about things with your partner. This is the only way to ensure that both of you are on the same page.


Divisive and controlling

One of the red flags of an unhealthy relationship is when your partner wants to ruin your other relationships. Lots of people practice the divide and conquer rule. They control whom you interact with, and ask you to cut everyone off. This ends up leaving you isolated and vulnerable to abuse. You’d have no one to reach out to. This is not one to ignore. Get out of the red zone now!


Questionable behavior

Late nights, hanging around questionable people, excessive alcohol, drugs, shady deals, very secretive, and evasive. These and more are some red flags at the beginning of a relationship. They give your partner away telling you the type of person they are. There are some red flags that cannot be quite managed, and this is one of them. Do not hold onto the expectations of better. If this isn’t who you are, bolt now!

Disliked by family and friends

When in love, you have rose-tinted glasses on. And at the time, it’s an unforgivable sin to speak ill of your partner. But everyone can’t be wrong at the same time. If your partner is facing dislike from your family and friends, they may be right. They are on the outside and can see what you cannot see because you’re in love. So, take off the rose-tinted shades, and look closely, you’d find their reasons. Hear your people out, and put your brain to task.



One of the biggest red flags on relationships is abuse! Be it physical, emotional, psychological, or even verbal. Adults should be able to hold dialogues in a civil manner. When issues come up, how does your partner react? Can they resolve conflicts without using their fists, or foul words? If you ignore or allow this, it’s either your self-esteem is well battered and leading to depression. Worse still, you’ll end up in a body bag. Get out now!


Have you ever been with someone who’s self-absorbed? Self-absorption is one of the early red flags in relationships which one notices even on the first date. The only reason why they need you in their lives is to feed their ego and validate them. They are selfish and are never sensitive to your needs. But they will go on and on about themselves and how the world doesn’t deserve them. This isn’t someone you want to be with, as you’ll become insignificant and redundant. Get out of the red zone!


Keeping you hidden

Your partner keeps you hidden. They never want you to meet their friends or family. They could even throw you out the window in the middle of “the do” if family knocks. This person either has something to hide, sees you as a plaything, or is quite ashamed of you. Have a talk with your partner concerning your fears. Be attentive and in tune with words. You’d know what to do going forward.

Unstable, irresponsible, unaccountable and unpredictable

A person that has no solid plan for life or direction. A person that cannot take care of themselves, or own up to their actions. A person who is to spontaneous to have anything accomplished. They can’t hold down a job, plan their lives, living on the fast lane, and other things you can add. These are the red flags of an unhealthy relationship. They will pull you down with them. And you cannot change a grown man, so, do what you have to. Bolt!


Has a problem with everyone

This one is nasty and describes everyone with horrible words. They say their exes are toxic, parents are bad, neighbors are crap, and colleagues are hateful. Pause, and reevaluate your relationship with this person. How are they having problems with everyone? They take no blame at all, it’s always others. Trust us, they are the problem. And when you walk, you get on that list too. So, get out of that red zone now!

All the relationship red flags we listed above are very common in affairs today, and are the source of bitter splits. Unfortunately, lots of couples either ignore them or are too in love to see them. Always ask questions and spot these red flags relationship warning signs. No, you’re neither overreacting nor paranoid but are very intuitive. Know yourself, deal breakers, red flags, and get out of the red zone with your sanity intact!