Fun & Simple DIY Wedding Bar Ideas


DIY wedding bar ideas should be easy to implement and give your guests a bit of extra fun at your wedding, while not breaking your budget. Whether it’s a fruit and cheese bar or one specializing in beverages, a wedding bar is a great way to make your wedding even better.

Read on for fun and functional DIY wedding bar ideas to fit your needs.

1. Mimosas For Everyone Bar

If your wedding is going to be a daytime event, a mimosa bar is an excellent and tasty way to give your guests some awesome champagne drinks. You only need fruit juice and champagne, along with fresh fruits for garnishes and small snacks. Your guests will be able to choose the mimosa they like best with this, one of the most fun and stylish DIY wedding bar ideas.

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2. Sangria Specialty Bar

A sangria bar is especially welcome on warm summer afternoons and is a great idea for nearly any type of wedding. Sangria is made of wine and chopped fruit, as well as honey and a touch of brandy. Your sangria bar can have a selection of sangria, with several different basic elements like various fruits, and sweeteners can include sugar, orange juice, syrup or nearly any other type of sweetener. Brandy is optional; it can be replaced with a clear soda like Sprite or plain seltzer water. Sangria bars can cater to exact requests because most sangria need only be chilled and steeped for minutes prior to drinking.

3. Connoisseur’s Fruit, Cheese & Wine Bar

Offerings of fresh fruit, gourmet cheese, and fine wine make this one of the most elegant of DIY wedding bar ideas. If you’re not familiar with pairings for wines, cheeses, and fruit, there’s a lot of great information online, and many purveyors of fine wine often have a very knowledgeable sales staff. Asking for help in choosing a wine and what would pair well with it is one of the best ways to learn about wines.  This type of elegant wedding bar will give your guests a chance to become familiar with wine themselves.

4. Pancake Brunch Bar

A perfect partner for the mimosa bar, a pancake bar gives your guests a wonderful, warm pile of pancakes with their favorite toppings. You can even set up your bar with whole wheat and buckwheat pancake options.  Tie the mimosa and pancake bars together by having the fresh fruit for the mimosa garnish in the middle of the table with the fruit options for the pancake bar. These two DIY wedding bar ideas combine very nicely for a morning wedding and reception brunch.

5. Your Wedding, Your Way

However, you choose to make your wedding bar, make sure it complements the theme and style of your wedding. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and offer an ice cream sundae or float bar, or perhaps a candy bar.

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