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15 Glam Wedding Decor Ideas


The glamor style came to us from Hollywood during the 1930-1950s. Here, wealth meets sophisticated style, and classic – with modern forms and materials. Luxury reigns everywhere, reflected in huge mirrors, refracted in crystal chandelier trimmings, mysteriously flickering in diamonds on elegant ladies’ necks, sparkling in bubbles of champagne. Do you want your wedding to be the most memorable event of the year for your guests? Then choose glam wedding decor ideas in our gallery.

Photo 1-3: Glam Wedding Reception Décor

Source: Gagewood Photo, AGI StudioDavid Bastianoni


Photo 4-6: Glam Wedding Decor Ideas For Aisle

Source: Sonya Khegay PhotographyMike Olbinski Photography Samuel Lippke Studios


Photo 7-9: Wonderful Table Décor

Source: Cristina G Photography, Caroline Tran, Ryon Lockhart


Photo 10-12: Beautiful Reception Details

Source: Julia Winkler, Sanaz Photography , Ashley Fisher Photography


Photo 13-15: Magic Lighting For Glam Wedding

Source: Diktat Photography, Andrea Pitti   Ana_Jerome Photography