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51 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets


Photo 1-6: Pale Pink Summer Wedding Bouquets

Pale pink colors perfectly suit the weddings of all seasons and places. They make a great tropical wedding bouquet for weddings in the tropics, for summer, halls, beach weddings and all. In particular, bridal flowers bouquet in pale pink is a great way to incorporate this color into your wedding. It blends with the decor and dresses, giving them a softer hue.

This color comes in neutral shades which brighten other colors, thus, being a perfect choice for beach wedding bouquets. It seeps into the plain beach surroundings and lights it up, like a blush! Pink generally signifies beauty and purity. Which is what your wedding and the love you share are all about.

Here are beautiful wedding flowers to choose from or combine to make bold or simple wedding bouquets;

Ranunculus, lilies, peonies, garden roses…… They come in different shades of pink, most of which are your favs!

Flowers to avoid

  • Jasmine: They cause allergy such as inflammation and itching.
  • Hyacinth: They droop easily under heat. If you have to use them, they should be mixed with other flowers.
Source: Sarah Babcock Studio via Floral V DesignsMary Costa photography, K. Holly photography

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