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45 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets


Photo 7-12: Blue & Purple Bouquets For A Summer

Purple and blue send a strong message of royalty, glory, and rest. They come in different types and shades to give great selection of summer wedding flowers. These colors match with white and cream to make simple wedding bouquets.

These beautiful wedding flowers also blend with bridesmaids’ dresses to give a regal touch. We hear that purple and silver dresses are bridesmaids’ favorites!

To make wedding bouquet of purples and blues, make your pick from the following flowers;

Cattleya orchids, pincushions, hydrangeas, freesia, anemones, garden roses etc.

Flowers to avoid

  • Chrysanthemums: They cause allergies through their pollens.
  • Gerbera daisy:  They wilt easily and contain high pollen.
Source: Amy&Jordan photography, French Flower StyleJennifer Peel photography

Source: Cariad Photography, Wild&Wondrous Flowers, Kristen Lynne Photography


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