Great Ideas For Easy & Unique Centerpieces


Your centerpieces are an important aspect of your wedding, but to have really unique centerpieces can be very expensive.  If you’ve got a little time and some creativity, though, you can create gorgeous centerpieces for your wedding without busting your budget.  Here are some great ideas for centerpieces that are unique, beautiful and easy to create.

1. Colorful Creations

If you’ve got bold, bright hues in your wedding palette, consider mixing and matching blooms in varying shades of one of them to make unique centerpieces that provide a lot of visual drama for your reception tables.  You can also go with less traditional centerpiece options and use fruits or vegetables in complementary colors, arranged by themselves or paired with some blossoms in similar hues.  For example, you can start your centerpiece using the differing shades of green found in pears, apples and limes and pair them with the gorgeous green in basil sprigs.  Another option is to pair eggplants, blood oranges and black plums with deep purple blooms.  Lemons and vibrant yellow roses also pair well to impart a sunny feel to your reception tables.


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