12 Groom’s Tips For Being A Gentleman


As a groom, having good manners goes a long way in life and it’s quite easy to accomplish this art. It’s simply a way of displaying and putting your best intentions forward during all encounters. Cordial acts should be heartfelt, consistent and charming, even when circumstances cause you to feel otherwise. Here are 12 groom’s tips that are sure to help every groom be the perfect gentleman at every chance encounter.

1. The Car Knight

You have the task of driving your fiancee home.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Once you reach the destination, walk to the passenger side of the vehicle, help her from the car and escort her to the door to make sure she enters safely.

2. The Traffic Shield

A casual morning, noon or late evening stroll down the street with your fiancée.
Gentlemanly Behavior – You should always walk on the side that is nearest to traffic as a means to shield her from traffic.

3. The Dinner Gentleman

A female arrives later than you and accompanies you at your table.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Rise as she approaches to pull out her chair as she takes her seat. Once she leaves, always rise from your seat slightly or completely, as an act of kindness.

4. The Introduction

Someone introduces you to a new person.
Gentlemanly Behavior – If you are seated, stand up and maintain eye contact as you are being introduced to the person. Remember to always smile politely and offer a firm but a kind shake of the hand.

5. The Good Company

You are introducing people within a group.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Always speak clearly by announcing each person’s full name. Begin introductions with youngest to oldest, followed by a man to woman, in order to offer kind reverence.

6. The Open Door

A woman is behind you as you prepare to enter or exit a door.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Kindly extend the door as a gesture to allow the woman to pass through before you.

7. The Dinner Host

You are the host of a party.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Always remember to serve ladies their meal first and men last. Use the same order when serving cocktails and wine to the guests as well.

8. The Arrival

You are engaged in a phone call when guests begin to arrive for your dinner party.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Politely but immediately end the call by informing the caller that guests are arriving.

9. The Flight Assistant

You are aboard a flight and a female or elderly passenger is preparing to place their baggage in the overhead bin.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Kindly offer to help with placing it in the overhead for him or her.

10. The Common Courtesy

Dining at a restaurant with your fiancée the server takes your order.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Prior to ordering, discuss what your female guest would like and place the order on her behalf once the server arrives. Simply begin by saying, “The lady will be starting with the Caesar salad and follow with the Salmon filet.”

11. The Moment

You desire to politely leave a conversation.
Gentlemanly Behavior – It’s always important to leave a conversation as gracefully as you engage in it. If you have grown weary or simply disinterested in the conversation, you can exit by saying: “I apologize for interrupting you, but I believe I see someone that I’ve been trying to contact. Please allow me to excuse myself.”

12. The Moment

Entering a taxi at the same time as your fiance.
Gentlemanly Behavior – Extend an apology and allow her to enter before you.

In Conclusion

These are all very common scenarios that work wonders for always presenting yourself as a perfect gentleman. Any of these moments could occur in life, during engagement activities or as the wedding approaches. Taking the time to simply display acts of kindness through smiles, greeting and gestures always present the groom as a gentleman. There has been such a change in the views of a society of what depicts a gentleman that many men have forgotten just how far having manners can take them. The bride, her family and yours will be proud to call you theirs simply because you are such a graceful and kind person.