How To Handle Feuding Family At The Wedding


It can be extremely difficult, not to mention irritating, to deal with problematic family members during your wedding and reception. If you’ve got some family members that won’t get along with other family at the wedding, it’s important to keep them as far apart as possible. This will help reduce the chances of any problems arising during your big day. If there’s likely to be a lot of family drama on your wedding day, here are some tips on dealing with it.

1. Confront Them

By taking matters into your own hands and speaking to the parties before the wedding, you can help defuse any potential situations and put your family members on alert that their nonsense will not be tolerated.  Do this in the nicest, but firmest, possible way. This is your day and it’s not about their petty squabbles. Let them know that you don’t want your wedding ruined with their problems.


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