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80 Instrumental Wedding Songs For Each Moment


Songs are essential for every stage of your wedding and the new trend is featuring instrumental wedding songs. The stages range from prelude to processional, ceremony to recessional and reception. The music that serenades the guests, accompany the bride, groom or wedding party can make lasting memories.


Whether they’ve been well overplayed or not, incorporating instruments give those new sounds and feel. So, if you’re getting married soonest, see our compilation of best instrumental songs for wedding to get the inspiration.


Instrumental Wedding Prelude Songs

These are wedding prelude songs instrumental played before the wedding ceremony starts. They create an ambiance of calm and merry.


1. It’s your day by Yiruma

Why choose: This song tells the couple it’s their day.


2. Stay with me by Vitamin String Quartet

Why choose: Instrumental wedding music of promise.


3. Just the way you are by The Piano Guys

Why choose: A song of perfection.

4. Love me like you do by Brooklyn Duo

Why choose: It talks of perfect love.


5. All of me by Daniel Hang

Why choose: This song is total submission to love.

6. I’m yours by Stringspace

Why choose: This song emphasizes that they belong to each other.


7. Love yourself by Brooklyn Duo

Why choose: It says everyone should always choose themselves first.

8. Don’t stop believing by Vitamin String Quartet

Why choose: This song harps on keeping the faith.


9. Thinking out loud by Vitamin String Quartet

Why choose: An adaptation of Ed Sheeran’s masterpiece.

10. More than words by The Piano Guys

Why choose: A song of love and expression.


Instrumental Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

These are wedding processional songs instrumentals that ushers the couple down the aisle. They can be traditional or modern songs.

1. A day without rain by Enya

Why choose: This calming piece is perfect for outdoor weddings.


2. All I want is you by Bridesmaids Quartet

Why choose: An adaptation of U2’s song.

3. And I love her by United Guitar Players

Why choose: A romantic adaptation of Beatles.


4. Better together by Romeo love Juliet

Why choose: This is a sensually cute acoustic rendition.

5. Can’t take my eyes off you by Trio Comodo

Why choose: A slow violin classic.


6. Endless love by United Guitar Players

Why choose: An adaptation from Diana and Lionel.

7. Feels like home by Edwina Hayes

Why choose: A heartfelt and emotional acoustic guitar rendition.


8. Forever by Josh Vietti

A combination of synth and violin for this song.

9. Half of my heart by Bridesmaids Quartet

Why choose: An adaptation of John Mayer’s ballad.


10. Light my fire by Threeds

Why choose: A synchrony of charming woodwind instruments, it’s whimsical.

Instrumental Wedding Ceremony Songs

Instrumental wedding ceremony songs lend some emotion and depth to the ceremony. They’ll make you have a rethink of lyrical songs.


1. Your song by United Guitar Players

Why choose: An Elton John’s adaptation, this is cheerful acoustic.

2. Nocturne by Frederic Chopin

Why choose: This is a classically composed piano rendition.


3. The meeting by John Powell

Why choose: Adapted from P.S I love you, it’s sweet.

4. Wedding by Craig Armstrong

Why choose: This song is a romantic ceremony perfect movie adaptation.


5. Sicilienne by Maria Theresia von Paradis

Why choose: A piece to bring elegance and royalty.

6. And I love her by George Martin

Why choose: A Beatles classic rock song instrumental.


7. Clocks by 2Cellos ft. Lang Lang

Why choose: This is an upbeat instrumental wedding song.

8. Feels like home by Edwina Hayes

Why choose: This guitar piece brings happy tears.


9. Attraversiamo by Dario Marianelli

Why choose: Italian romantic emotional piece meaning “let’s cross over” from the movies.

10. Hampshire by Adrian Johnston

Why choose: Perfect instrumental for wedding ceremony rituals and pauses.


Piano Wedding Song List

Wedding songs on a piano are best for wedding party entrance songs. Piano music for a wedding is cool, heartfelt and charming.

1. A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton

Why choose: Perfect instrumental for walking down the aisle.


2. Ordinary people by John Legend

Why choose: Modern instrumental wedding songs for ceremony prelude.

3. Fallin’ by Alicia Keys

Why choose: An awesome feature for the first dance wedding songs.


4. No one by Alicia Keys

Why choose: The piano version is an amazing vow saying song.

5. Love song by Sara Bareilles

Why choose: An emotional wedding processional songs piano best feature.


6. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Why choose: A song telling the bride she’s a beauty.

7. I’d die without you by PM Dawn

Why choose: The wedding first dance song perfection.


8. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Why choose: This song is perfect for the cake cutting.

9. Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Why choose: One of the best piano pieces for the bride.


10. Lean on me by Bill Withers

Why choose: The processional music that remains timeless and evergreen.

Guitar Wedding Songs

Wedding songs on a guitar are inspirational and have a calming effect. Acoustic guitar wedding songs still remain the most favorites.


1. Recuerdos de la Alhambra by John Williams

Why choose: A romantic song well transcribed to acoustic guitar.

2. Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Why choose: One of the most emotive acoustic guitar recessional songs.


3. Ave Maria by Schubert

Why choose: One of the best acoustic guitar wedding ceremony songs.

4. Cavatina by Stanley Myers

Why choose: A very popular acoustic power ballad for many years.


5. The wedding march by Mendelssohn

Why choose: A change from the church organ to the guitar.

6. You’re the sunshine of my life by Stevie Wonder

Why choose: Romantic acoustic guitar piece.


7. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Why choose: A perfect blend of sacred, traditional and ultra-romance.

8. Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

Why choose: This is a melancholy guitar love theme.


9. In my life by Beatles

Why choose: Wedding ceremony guitar music for the signing of the register.

10. J S Bach, BWV 1007

Why choose: A guitar blast for the procession of the bride.


Violin Wedding Songs

The violin is an elite instrument which makes violin songs for wedding take on a sophisticated style. See the songs below.

1. Thunderstruck by 2Cellos

Why choose: Arguably the best violin wedding songs for walking down the aisle.


2. Beethoven’s 5 secrets by the Piano Guys

Why choose: A perfect instrumental wedding prelude music.

3. I’m kissing you by Des’ree

Why choose: One of the best solo violin wedding songs.


4. Best day of my Life by American Author

Why choose: Perfect for the first dance song.

5. Jesu joy by Ekseption

Why choose: An exceptional and evergreen wedding processional song on the violin.


6. Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding

Why choose: Great for saying wedding vows.

7. First day of my life by Bright Eyes

Why choose: This is an instrumental wedding processional hit.


8. Only Time by Enya

Why choose: This song is a perfect rendition for the cocktail hour.

9. Butterfly waltz by Brian Crain

Why choose: A masterpiece for the first dance.


10. Radetzky March by King symphony orchestral

Why choose: This violin piece for bridal wedding entrance.

Bagpipes Wedding Songs

Bagpipe songs for a wedding are of Scottish origin. They are unique and with a mix of the traditional and modern blend.


1. Highland wedding

Why choose: One of the most popular bagpipe wedding songs from the 1800s.

2. The Skye boat song

Why choose: A romantic piece about the Isle of Skye boat.


3. The wedding march

Why choose: A popular bagpipe adaptation of the 1842 Mendelssohn song.

4. Mairi’s wedding

Why choose: Talks about the joy of marriage and endless possibilities together.


5. She moves through the fair

Why choose: It’s one of romance and has many versions.

6. Flowers of Scotland by Roy Williamson

Why choose: More lyrics added by Thomas Moore.


7. All those endearing young charms

Why choose: Traditional Irish song that’s most covered, recomposed and performed.

8. Whiskey on the jar

Why choose: This song is traditional and perfect for the reception party.


9. Here comes the sun by George Harrison

Why choose: For the bridal ceremony grand entrance.

10. I’m gonna be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers

Why choose: Ultra-perfection for a piece written in 45 mins.


Instrumental Love Songs For Weddings

For every stage of your wedding, you need love songs that appeal. See some instrumental love songs for the wedding below.

1. Marry you by United Guitar players

Why choose: This is an acoustic adaptation of Bruno Mars’s song


2. Lalaland by Brooklyn Duo

Why choose: Combination of piano and cello from the movie.

3. Open arms by Scott D Davis

Why choose: A solo cover rendition of Journey’s classic anthem.


4. Rather be by Vitamin String Quartet

Why choose: String adaptation of Bandits dance-pop song.

5. Shape of you by Vitamin String Quartet

Why choose: An adaptation of Ed Sheeran’s song.


6. Somewhere in time by John Barry

Why choose: An exceptional adaptation of classic romance movies.

7. Stand by me by Stringspace Orchestra

Why choose: Perfect song for the saying of vows.


8. Stand by you by Rachel Platten

Why choose: This is a great instrumental song for cutting the cake.

9. Teenage dream by Bridesmaids Quartet

Why choose: A love song for the wedding first dance.


10. Time after time by Cyndi Lauper

Why choose: This is for the couple’s last dance.

Listening to instrumental wedding songs will make you have a rethink of lyrical songs. This is because, without the lyrics, there’s a different dedication to make the instruments appeal. This, in turn, has a way of calming everyone, tugging on emotions, and creating memories. We’ve compiled tons of songs for every wedding stage there is. And if you’re not sure about what songs to choose, check in with our list for some inspiration.