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30 Lovely Wedding Loft Decorating Ideas


For couples who live in bustling metropolitan areas, loft wedding ideas should come in handy. The loft can be a great venue because it has enough space, offers a modern alternative to clubs, parties and of course weddings. We love the spacious feel of loft weddings with exposed brick walls that look great behind strung lights and glowing candles. Check out these ravishing loft decorating ideas for wedding below and be inspired!


Photo 1-3: Elegant Wedding Reception In Loft

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Photo 4-6: Airy Wedding Reception With Fresh Greenery

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Photo 7-9: Gorgeous Loft Decorating Ideas For Boho Wedding

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Photo 10-12: Beautiful Decorating Ideas For Bright Wedding In Loft

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Photo 13-15: Wedding Celebration In Industrial Loft

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Photo 16-18: Unusual Modern Wedding Reception Ideas

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Photo 25-27: Decor With Greenery Look Great In A Brick Loft

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Photo 28-30: Soft Light Is Perfect For Wedding In Loft

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