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Top 8 Things Men Want In Their Wives


We are all familiar with that stereotype of the American housewife. But, when it comes to what man wants in a wife, where does the truth lay?

Separate fact from fiction by reading our 8 most popular qualities men look for in a wife. Most stereotypes are relics from the past. There’s still some nuggets of truth in there, but there are also a few answers that will surprise you.
Check them out!

What Man Wants In A Wife


1. Integrity:

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody’s watching. This is even more apparent when considering what a man wants from his wife. When doing the right thing, whatever the situation is, comes naturally to a woman, it’s a clear signal to a man that he can trust her as a life partner and can be proud of who she is as a person.


2. Affection:

It doesn’t have to be every second of every day, but a woman who can’t help but touch and kiss her man sure makes him feel appreciated. When choosing a wife, a man looks for a woman who makes him feel important and appreciated. Intuitive affection goes a long way to achieve this.

Something as simple as holding his hand in public tells the world that you’re proud to be with him and want the world to know. This brings him a sense of value.


3. Humility:

Guys do it differently, but there’s no doubt they’re into communication just as much as their female counterparts. It’s confrontation that they try to avoid. A woman who walks into a conversation without the notion that there’s always a winner and a loser is definitely one of those strongqualities men look for in a wife.

Humble women are able to understand what other people think and feel better, and focus their energy towards the betterment of others.


4. Intelligence:

Knowledge is the collection of information. Intelligence is the ability to put that knowledge to good use. A woman who can comfortably get beyond small talk is definitely a quality that men look for in a future wife.

What do men want in a wife? They want a woman who challenges them, and a woman that they enjoy listening to just as much as they enjoy talking to. The desire a woman who they can turn to when they need inspiration or a helping hand.


5. Sense of Humor:

Smiling and laughter are scientifically proven to be contagious and offer massive health benefits. When considering what to look for in a wife, a man definitely has the ability to share the laughs at the top of his list.

A man doesn’t want to feel like he’s filtering himself. He wants to have the ability to crack a joke and be sarcastic or just plain silly. A woman who can keep up and wants the same thing is most definitely marriage material.


6. Beauty:

Looking good is never a bad thing but true beauty, from the eyes of a man, is a combination of confidence and putting effort into being the best you possible. Being proud of who you are is sexy. Even if you’re not exactly a “perfect 10”, putting effort into how you look – exercising, eating right, paying attention to your clothes – more than makes up for it.

These two things combined empowers a woman to meet each day with positivity, and with so much negativity in the media these days positivity is a much sought after trait in a future bride.

7. Ambition:

What a man needs from his wife is drive. Getting completely comfortable with your situation feels nice in the short term – it means no conflict and no stress. But, over a period of time, things become dull and you can fall into a rut. A good wife will be interested in constant improvement and growth, and the drive to make things happen. She also has the common sense to negate the stress by setting realistic, attainable goals that don’t interfere with the stability you’ve built.

Another great thing about women with ambition is that they generally do not settle, they want the best. Since nothing but the best will do, he can be certain that he’s a great catch and walk his days in full confidence.


8. Social & Adventurous:

He doesn’t want to risk his life every weekend, but he also doesn’t want to stay in the house weekend after weekend. What do men look for in a woman to marry? A woman who can offer something in between. Not only is she interested in getting out and trying something new, but she also has the ability to inspire him to do the same.

What guys want in a wife is a partner that enhances his life. The qualities he wants from a wife should make is time at work more rewarding, his time with family more fulfilling, and his vision of the future shining. In other words, he loves working hard to build a better life, but he can’t wait to get home. Couple that mutual trust and respect and you have yourself a happily ever after.