What Men Want From Marriage


It may seem as though you’ll never be able to understand what your guy expects and wants from your new life together. Marriage is a lifelong commitment between you two, and understanding what men want from marriage really isn’t as daunting a subject as it may appear to be. Here’s a guide to what man wants in a wife.

Want a hint? It’s pretty much the same thing you want.

1. Open Communication

It is essential that you and your partner be able to communicate. A dearth of communication can doom a marriage from the start and is usually marked by one or both of you saying that you don’t understand what the other wants or what they’re thinking. Being able to understand the wants and needs of your partner is essential for a healthy marriage.

2. Defined Roles

Most men will readily admit that they are fairly simple. Their needs typically run in one of a few veins, including both convenience and pleasure. Women are more willing to overlook their own needs in order to care for those around them; this behavior is rarer in men, even though they want their partner to be happy, healthy and loving. When you’re thinking about what men want from marriage, it’s best to start from the beginning: what kind of woman his mother is and the type of marriage his parents had. These are typically the models your partner will expect to follow; if you can, really look at how his family interacts.

3. Nurturing, Not Mothering

While most men will choose to marry a woman who is much like their mother, that doesn’t mean that what men want from marriage is to be mothered. If you begin to take a more authoritative role in the marriage, your partner may start to resent you.  This is why communication is so important. The confusion between what your partner wants and what you provide is typically the result of a lack of communication. Baseless doubts and misunderstandings can begin to creep between you and erode your trust in one another; without which, a healthy marriage is not possible.

4. Sincerity And Understanding

Just like you don’t know what your partner wants without communication, your partner also cannot read your mind to find out what you want from marriage. What men want from marriage is a sincere and understanding partner, and a relationship that can be the rock both of you lean on in tough times.

5. Emotional Fulfillment

Being emotionally fulfilled is an important component of marriage. In order to know what your man wants from marriage, examine what you expect from your union.  Your partner likely desires the same things. By communicating clearly with one another, you can understand and support one another more fully. Your future spouse is as interested in a good marriage as you are; work on it together.