Plan A Bridal Shower With These Stylish Ideas & Practical Advice


If you or someone you love is planning a wedding, the idea of bridal showers will come up, and you’ll need to be prepared to help plan or take charge when it comes to making the bridal shower as perfect as it can be. With this in mind, we have answered the top six questions that come up when planning a bridal shower.

1. Who Is Responsible For Throwing The Shower?

Traditionally, the maid of honor is in charge of planning a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Depending on how elaborate the shower is, you may shoulder the cost of the entire gathering, or you may have bridesmaids and family members kick in some money and time. Do whatever you need to do to create the perfect shower!

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2. What Should I Plan For?

When planning a bridal shower, don’t worry about socially engineering every moment of your guests’ time. The majority of your time should be spent talking and telling stories over snacks, a meal, drinks, or a shared activity. You should, however, schedule time for the bride to open presents, and find someone who is willing to write down the information about each gift to make the bride’s thank-you-note-writing process easier later.

3. Who Should I Invite?

There is no real limit to who you should invite to the bridal shower – you can hold a closed affair between the wedding party and the bride’s close friends, or you can invite more relatives of the bride and groom. There is only one faux pas that you must avoid: be careful not invite anyone to the shower who isn’t actually invited to the wedding!

4. Where Do We Hold The Shower?

The bridal shower most often takes place in the home of a bridesmaid, but there is no real limit as to where you can hold your event. Planning a bridal shower at a gorgeous outdoor location like a park or the beach is great when the season is right, and theme events at spas or craft studios can be a great way to have fun without being trapped in the house.

5. When Should The Shower Take Place?

There isn’t any solid ruling on this question – the shower can take place anywhere from a week before the wedding all the way to six months in advance. If you’re in charge of planning, consider how to balance your date so that the out-of-town guests have a chance to come, without placing the event too close to the wedding and stressing out the bride and her schedule.

6. Why Should We Have A Bridal Shower At All?

The short answer to this can be summed up in two words, depending on who your bride is: “fun” and “tradition”. In the past, bridal showers were thrown to help the new couple furnish their home if a dowry wasn’t available. In today’s society, they serve as a fun and special occasion to lavish attention on the bride, sharing stories, food, and special memories.


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