4 Secret Social Skills Every Bride Should Have


Some brides make it all look so effortless that you might not even think about the secret social skills they’re using to make everything happen. Your wedding day is no time to be a shrinking violet, and everyone is going to expect you to be a gracious hostess, even if they know your social skills aren’t so great.

Here are some tips to help you get through your big day as though you were a born social butterfly…

1. Party Planning

When you get ready to start discussing your ideas with your wedding suppliers, many facets of your wedding day will have already taken shape in your mind. However, it’s important to start with your venue. Once you have your venue picked out, you can start to better understand the space you’ll be utilizing. Your entire wedding will hinge on your venue; it’s an important choice that will affect your design, your ceremony, the food and drinks you’ll be able to serve, and the timing and pace of your wedding day.

When using secret social skills like party planning, you can stay ahead of the preparations for your big day and avoid unwelcome wedding upsets.

2. Friendly Matchmaking

You probably have bridesmaids from different areas of your life. Some of them may have differences that have caused trouble in the past, while others may never have met one another before. Now is not the time to try to forge a super-team of besties; keep your bridesmaids’ activities fun and light. Don’t over-plan or over-organize their interactions. Act as though you expect them to be on good behavior without giving the impression that you’re worried about their drama. Unless someone begins causing problems, the best policy is hands-off in handling relations between your bridesmaids.

The secret social skills of matchmaking are excellent to have, but try not to be overbearing with your bridesmaids.

3. Counselling

While your big day is undoubtedly a wonderful time for you, it may also be a source of grief for some of those closest to you. For a friend going through a divorce or breakup, to a family member who has recently lost their spouse, your wedding day will be bittersweet. They will be happy for you, but may also be feeling some loss and sadness. If you try to take care of them, they’re likely to feel even worse because you’re worried about them. Instead, enlist a sympathetic friend or family member to offer them support and help them handle their emotions during your wedding.

The secret social skills of offering to counsel are always useful, even if it isn’t your wedding day.

4. Being A Gracious Bride

There are many secret social skills to being gracious under pressure, especially on your wedding day. Knowing how to be kind and courteous and inspiring the same in your guests is essential to a wedding day that is calm and peaceful; a truly happy celebration.