5 Stunning Alternative Summer Wedding Bouquets Ideas


Summer is the official season of weddings, and if you’ve got your date set for the warmer months, you’re definitely not alone!  Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for a while or only just got engaged, it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to save money when you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle. One of the greatest ways to save is to choose flowers that are in season for your bouquet and other wedding flowers. Gorgeous summer wedding bouquets will give your flower choices a warm, summery feel and come in an astounding array of colors to complement any wedding style.

1. Simply Sunflowers

Whether your wedding has a rustic theme or you just love the sunflower for its summertime connotations, summer wedding bouquets are beautiful when made of this unassuming but fantastic flower.  Your bouquet can be styled completely of sunflowers, or as a combination of complementary summer blossoms with sunflowers as the focus. Either way, your whimsical sunflower bouquet will definitely be unique and gorgeous as you walk down the aisle.

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2. Colorful Gerber Daisies

Gerber daisies may not be the first flowers that spring to mind when you’re thinking of summer wedding bouquets, but their variety of colors and unmistakable summery overtones make them a natural inclusion for nearly any summer wedding. From bright and bold to dramatic and elegant, an array of colorful Gerber daisies can be mixed and matched to provide a perfect touch to your wedding.

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3. Lovely Lavender

The calming scent of lavender and its gorgeous blush of color make it a natural choice for rustic summer wedding bouquets. If you’ve got lavender or darker purple accents in your wedding, lavender flowers can be the perfect addition to pick up those accents and make them more noticeable. It can also be mixed in with darker purple, pink or white flowers for a lovely and striking color combination.

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4. Winsome Wildflowers

Wildflowers come in many different colors, from vivid to pastel, and give you an excellent option for putting together your summer wedding bouquet. Depending on when you’re tying the knot, you might even be able to choose exactly which wildflowers you want in your bouquet and grow them yourself. For added meaning, your wedding flowers could be grown by someone close to you, like your mother or grandmother.  This method gives you a gorgeous bouquet with beautiful flowers at a very low price; you can also adopt this for your other wedding flowers, saving you loads of money.

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5. Summer Wedding Bouquets On A Budget

The inclusion of seasonal flowers in your bouquet will help keep costs reasonable, while still allowing you to have an absolutely gorgeous bouquet. Making beautiful choices for your wedding flowers doesn’t have to mean a lot of expense.  Think outside the box of tulips and roses and go with something that really fits for your summer wedding.

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